Friday, December 19, 2008

Teacher treats

Sarra and Hallie asked me to make some treats for their school teachers on Wednesday. We decided to make five different slices - hazelnut truffles, chocolate balls, rocky road, peppermint crisp fudge and coconut brownies. We also made a few of the candy cane reindeer that Kylie Bailey is famous for and added them in. We ended up making 7 bags, not all of them for teachers.

I got out a packet of M&Ms to bribe Hallie and Oliver with so they would help me but I didn't need to as they loved getting in and making a mess and stiring and measuring.

It ended up taking the whole day because I kept having to stop for Jonty and cleaning up but the kids seemed very pleased with themselves. Their favourite job was licking out the bowls.

I asked Simon to take a pic of them but he only did it once they were in the bags so we can't really see all the goodies but I was too tired to care and was certainly not unpacking them all.

Oh and this is a photo of our loungeroom after Hallie tipped out all the stuff she brought home from school. She certainly had a busy year in kinder.

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