Saturday, September 17, 2011

Famous for all the wrong reasons.

Front page of The Examiner Fri 16.9.11

Simon is often in the paper for search and rescue things or on the news but you can rarely tell it is him because he is either abseiling off a cliff or wearing his police hat and uniform.

Yesterday he was on the front page of the paper - that's him on the right wading through swamp searching for a missing woman. (she was later found safe and ok).

It's sad that he is in the paper when someone is lost or there is a tragedy or car accident but its reassuring to know that there are police officers out there like Simon, ready to help and support people on probably for some, the worst day of their lives.

Monday, September 12, 2011

*5 months*

I can't believe I am 5 months old today. Somebody pinch me. No I would probably cry - but seriously 5 months is only 1 month off half a year. How quick has that gone.

So now I am 5 months old some new things I've been trying is - eating or sucking really on pureed apples, oh and Dad gave me an arrowroot biscuit.

Dudes, why didn't anyone warn me that rice cereal tastes AWFUL!!

The other thing I have been trying is rolling from my back onto my side and now over onto my tummy. It must be a real party trick because everytime I do it, everybody claps.

For the life of me though I can't work out how to get my arms out from underneath me or get back onto my back. I get a bit cranky because there is only so long you can spend staring at the carpet!!!

I have been sleeping a bit better since Mum got really strict on me, wrapping me super tight and teaching me to put myself to sleep.

I have been playing with my sisters - sometimes they are a bit annoying...........

but Sarra often holds me in the bath and Hallie sometimes gives me my meds for Mum so I suppose girls aren't all that bad. ;)

But with my brothers we do cool fun stuff!!! Boys are much cooler!!!

I'm looking forward to the nicer weather and mushing my cute little toes (if I do say so myself) in some warm grainy sand and maybe going for a little paddle at the beach.

5 months. Life is good.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dads and daffodils

On Fathers Day we went to Dads with the Wheelers, like we do every year. The kids love this tradition of going to Poppy Steve's and every year in September, the daffodils are out in force in the top paddock.

The kids love going on the trailer with Pop. They can never come without at least one ride.

I love this photo I took of Jonty outside the old dunny. I even remember when Dad had this toilet outside and when I came to visit as a young girl, I always checked the toilet bowl before sitting down, 'just incase'.

Some older photos of Father's Day and THE daffodils.

Sarra - 2004

September 2008

September 2006

How little are these 3 - Oliver Sarra and Hallie.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dudes it's Spring

Hey dudes, Flynn here.

Hello Spring

Woohoo, welcome to my very first Spring - can't wait to get out in the sun and play.

Thanks Dad for taking these cool shots of me.