Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I'm 5 now right Mummy?

Last Tuesday Flynn turned 5. He has been waiting a long time to turn 5 especially as other kids in his class were starting to turn 5 so he was getting a little impatient. For his birthday he wanted a mini iPad but that wasn't going to happen. Instead he got a little bit of lego, a Star Wars costume, a small skateboard and a magnet set. From extended family he got some pjs, Octonauts soft toy, clothes and a book. IN the morning Flynn and Hallie had their usual bone scans. Flynn knows the drill and sat quietly during the X-ray.

He had such a fun day opening presents and spending the afternoon with his cousins. For tea he chose wraps, nachos and tacos and a Captain Barnacles cake.

10 thing we love about Flynn

1. his curly blonde hair
2. always smiling
3. loves cuddles
4. kindness and gentleness
5. a very happy disposition
6. his can do attitude
7. loves to play with anyone and everyone
8. the way he says "I love you Mum infinity"
9. the way he makes everyone around him feel loved
10. he loves to put vegemite on everything