Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The bunny has landed

Easter Bunny arrived on Saturday morning. He never comes in the house but hides eggs everywhere outside. Funnily enough as fast as the eggs are found and put in the basket, they seem to find their way back out on the ground and the kids end up thinking they have HEAPS of eggs as they keep finding more and more on the ground. (I'm not sure for how many more years that trick will last).

On Sunday night the Wheelers and Collette and Jess came for tea. Mum is in Brisbane spending time with Marilyn Myers who is not very well at all. We are thinking of you Marilyn. Collette and Jessica decided to be in charge of taking photos, can you tell?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our trip to Melbourne

On Wednesday, Simon and I made a flying dash to Melbourne to attend the homeware auctions. I stress that it was not a fun relaxing visit. Firstly whenever are auctions relaxing and stress-free, secondly it was creeping toward 30 degrees in a hot shed and thirdly the only food was a takeaway shop down the road which looked really dodgy. I peered around the back after getting our food and saw overflowing bins and flies and mess. But we survived so obviously no salmonella, e-coli around that day.

Oliver stayed with Oma and Pop, Sarra stayed with her school friend Naomi and Hallie came with us. It took quite a lot of research and organising to make the day worthwhile but it is definitely worth it. Melbourne has so much better a range of stuff for cheaper. I can just imagine how good Sydney must be.

So Simon hired a truck Tue night and took it over on the boat. Late Tue night, Hallie and I took the plane. A week earlier, Simon had gone on his own to canvas places and sus out prices to see if it was worth all the effort so we were settled in that respect.

Tue night we stayed at our friend Monica's in Port Melb. her partner Dan just happens to be a chef and Hallie and I were treated to a roast - chef style and then a range of the most sumptious cheeses - we were very spoilt.

Monica's son Sam on his way to school
Wed morning, Simon arrived, refreshed and rested (not) from his voyage across the Strait in a cruise seat. We headed off to the auctions and purchased floating floors, carpet(their 100% wool carpet is so much cheaper over there), tiles, vanity units, taps, toilet roll holders, a sink, underlay, shower heads etc.

Hallie had a ball at the floor covering auction

After we loaded everything onto the truck, we had exactly one hour to spare before me and Hallie were due to fly home so the new DFO near the airport was too tempting to pass up. I bought two tops so didn't go silly. It was just nice to walk around and browse.

When we got home (the Jetstar flight was delayed as usual), all I could think about was hopping in a nice relaxing bath. Aahhh so I did! Poor old Simon had a second night back on the boat, in a comfy cruise seat and then straight back to work when he got home.

Even the cat was curious, checking out our movements - didn't help of course

Monday, March 10, 2008

BMXer of the Year

What to do on a hot Monday night when the thought of a structured FHE inside brings about groans and moans (loudest from Dad), make it the funnest FHE ever and "can we do this every week" and go to the local BMX track after a very nutritious tea of sausages and bread on the barby.

I'm sure this will be the last opportunity from summer to hang out in thongs and eat outside and play til late. As soon as this blink of warm weather goes, I reckon that will be it.

Sorry it is not letting my photos upload so I will do that in a minute.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hapy Birthday Ovah

Today our little boy turned 3.

No more a toddler but a little boy. All he wanted for his birthday was a cake. Aah already the way to his heart is through his stomach. I have so loved having a little boy. After 2 girls and having 3 sisters, it was nice to have a son. I loved having the girls first but having never had a brother it was wonderful to have one of my own.

Following in Aimee's footsteps, I would like to list 10 things I love about Oliver.............

1. His mop of blonde curls that never looks brushed
2. The way he sucks on his two middle fingers and puts his index finger up his nose when he is tired
3. He has always been a very good sleeper
4. He loves food so no 'fussy' fights at mealtime
5. He is not clingy and will go and hang out with anyone
6. He doesn't mind that his sisters pamper him like a little doll
7. He is very good natured and will go along with whatever you are doing and mostly not complain
8. The way his nose crinkles when he grins
9. His outy bellybutton
10. The way he says 'I love you Mum".


Monday, March 3, 2008

Hard Yakka

I have never gone a whole week without blogging something and I don't even have a good excuse this time, like my computer crashing. All I can say it has been one busy week. You know the weeks when you wish there were 27 hours in a day and you find yourself starting the ironing at 11pm because it is the only free time of the day. I hate ironing enough but at 11pm - please!! I don't know it was just full on for the whole week. I keep being told to slow down but there is nothing i want to let go of.

There's my family and everything that goes along with 3 rascals, 4 including Simon :) and who I must admit have eaten pizza 2 nights in a row this past week because I have been so neglectful. Oh and the housework that I wish would magically do itself like Harry Potter.

There's the block which is up to the painting stage and I am doing all that time consuming stuff of hunting around for the best quotes for flooring, tiles, carpet, taps, vanities etc with kids in tow. Last time I went to a tile shop, Oliver smashed one on the floor. You know the cliche where you see what your child is going to do but don't get there in time and everyone jumps and looks at the noise. The salesperson pretends it is okay but really you can smell the annoyance coming off them in waves.

Then there's the gym. I get irritable if I miss more than 2 days in a row. Oh dear! Everything else gets inconvenienced just to fit a session in. I find though that a good old fashioned workout clears my mind and gets rid of the overload headache and helps me feel less overwhelmed and renewed to tackle things. Does anyone else get that?

Then there's my church calling. I can't say anything except that being RS Pres is the most wonderful and exhausting experience all at once. I never switch off from it which might not be too good a thing sometimes but my mind is constantly consumed with things I need to do, things I need to do better, things I feel good about, things I feel sad about, things I need to fix, things I wish I could fix, things I need to ponder on, things I wish I was better at. I know that I am only here for a season so I feel that I need to give it my all. There's nothing like an assignment that extends and stretches you right to the edge that helps you grow and learn in an area you need work on. Obviously someone knew I had a lot of learning to do.

And you know the funny thing, I am nowhere near as busy as most of you guys out there.

Oh there is something I want to post though. Simon says its bragging but I am so proud of myself. Below is some photos of the wood I stacked. It took 6hrs (not all at once) and it was a bit back breaking but I loved the monotony of it and got some really good thinking time done because otherwise it was utterly boring!! The wood lines both sides of the fence and I hope it last our cold Tas winter.

On the weekend a few of us helped Dean and Mel move into their new house in Deloraine. Jackie bought us all chicken and chips and gravy for lunch. We all dug in after a busy morning. Moving is not fun for the people moving but the helpers have a great time, probably because they can go home and have a rest I spose and not look at anymore boxes.