Friday, May 10, 2013

"sleep all day and party all night"- Hallie's 10th birthday.

Hallie and Flynn both celebrate their birthdays in April, so we kickstarted the week of Hallie's birthday by having a joint family birthday dinner last Sunday night.

Flynn loved everybody singing happy birthday and clapping for the number of years he was, which being 2, didn't last very long. :)

You can tell these two are brother and sister, same brown eyes, blonde hair and cheeky personalities.

On the morning of Hallie's birthday, Tuesday the 30th, Hallie got to open her presents. Now that Tassie has 4 terms, Hallie is fortunate enough to have her birthday in the holidays now.

Hallie loves playing the trumpet at school so one of her presents was this multi-coloured music stand for her to practice at home.

All Hallie wanted was a pair of Globe hightops. She picked them out herself and she takes such good care of them.

Of course the lego was a given. She loves playing and building lego and both Oliver and Jonty love doing it too.

At about 2pm on her birthday, Hallie's school friends started arriving for her birthday sleepover.

I had a heap of games planned but they only wanted to play pass the parcel and then just hang out together and chat.

Tea was easy too. Hallie requested hot chips and junk food. This was the easiest sleepover ever!! The girls were all quiet and although chatted nonstop, they didn't run around and get all hyped up like younger kids do at a party. It was very civilised. :)

Hallie wanted a motorbike cake for her birthday so after many stressful ideas, we settled on a motorbike track and put lego mini motorbikes on the top. SO much easier and less stressful. I made the track out of crumbled oreo biscuits and then lined the track with licorice bullets. Hallie got a motorbike top for her birthday and is pretty much motorbike mad. Her current motorbike is only a 50cc and so is getting a bit small and soon she will need to upgrade to a 80cc.  Yikes bigger and more power!

The next day, Wednesday the 1st of May, about half and hour after Hallie's school friends left, some of her church friends came for a sleepover, Ben and Gus and Tilly. We made homemade pizzas with whatever topping they chose and some more junk food.

The next day was Thursday and after two sleepovers in a row, Hallie still hadn't finished her week of partying and we got ready for some more church friends to come for a day party. I had to take four of the kids to the dentist first and so Mum was kind enough to come out and watch the sleepover guests and Hallie until I got back, just before all the other guests arrived.

Hallie wanted pass the parcel again. Always a hit!

Hannah won the grand prize.

I think Hallie thought she was in heaven getting more presents again for like the fifth day in a row.

We also played the game where you roll the die and if you get a six, you start writing 1-100 until someone else rolls a six and they grab the pen off you and start writing. The winner is the first one to get to 100. I think Tilly won. Everybody's writing was so messy and it was so fun to watch them all scream with excitement when a 6 came up.

We sent everyone outside while the party food was set out. They had a great time just kicking the footy around and running in the sunshine.

They also loved trying out one of many of Hallie's jumps that she has set up around the yard for both her pedal bike and motorbike.

It was so funny when I yelled out that the food was ready. They all came running toward me like a herd of elephants.

I did the same cake as at Hallie's first sleepover as she really liked the motorbike track and the cake actually tasted nice, much to my surprise. :)

This is what it looked like from the top.

We had the same junk food again because Hallie got to choose what she wanted and by now I was sick of the sight of all the sugar but Hallie thought it was great.

Everybody had such a good time and after one family dinner, two sleepovers and a day party, I was pooped and ready for no more kid birthdays until Jonty in November. Hallie wants me to thank everyone for all her lovely presents. She loved everyone of them, including some Tassie Boys stickers and the latest Tassie Boys DVD that Levi gave to her.

Thanks too to Lisa and Mum for helping me out at Thursday's day party. And a thankyou to Mum too for Hallie's ugg boots she got for her birthday from Agfest a week later when Sarra, Hallie, me and Mum went there for the day.

 I think by the end of it all, we were all caked out.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Autumn run

I love going to the kids cross country each year. It is the perfect time of the year to be outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. The town common is full of beautiful and vibrant leaves, my favourite season of the year.

The towering deciduous trees is the perfect backdrop for our school's cross country run today.

First over the line. 
I told her I would have been proud of her, no matter what place she got. 

Flynn got bored so decided to entertain himself with the witches hats.

My boy is getting so tall and growing up so fast.

He too came first over the line.
I told him the same thing.

Flynn was still bored and roped some girls into his game too.

And then decided to annoy Jonty instead.

After watching all the kids run, Flynn thought he was going in Jonty's race.

Jonty came about mid way in the field and was very excited to get his "fantastic effort" sticker at the end.