Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 weeks.

Yesterday I turned 10 weeks old so I thought I would celebrate the morning chill-axing on the lounge.

Wait, something exciting is on ABC Kids, hang on a minute..............

Sorry about that distraction but the telly is very interesting sometimes.

When I grew tired of that, I rewarded Mum by sleeping for the first time ever in my cot during the day. I slept for 40 minutes. I suppose it was time to give Mum a break but I can't help it if I like to snuggle in to Mum for my naps.

I finished off with a little suck on my fingers - very serious business trying to work out how to get these things to my mouth.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Supermarket buddy

Since Flynn has been born, Jonty has been a little how should I put it.............cheeky!!! I wasn't surprised because Jonty was used to being the baby and spending alot of time on my lap and then suddenly a noisy crying baby had taken over who always seemed to be having a 'milkshake'.

The last couple of weeks Jonty has seemed to settle more into life with a younger brother. He was never mean to Flynn or hit him but he was acting out quite a bit trying to get that attention he was missing.

Yesterday I had to go to the local supermarket in Westbury to grab some ingredients for biscuits we are making at a Primary activity tonight and I thought it was a perfect time for just me and Jonty to go by ourselves.

Usually because I have Flynn in one arm, we just rush in and we don't have time or I don't have enough hands for Jonty to use this trolley so he was really excited when I said he could get it.

He got a treat for being such a good boy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Junior Master Chef

I wonder if there is a minimum age requirement..........

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's always funner with Dad!

During the school holidays Simon took Sarra, Hallie, Oliver and Jonty down to Hobart via the east coast for two days. I stayed home with Flynn in front of the fire.

First Simon took the kids past the old police house in St Marys that we used to live at. It was quite lonely living out there (it took 1.5 hrs to get to Launceston) but I was kept busy with working six days a week from 5-10am and having Hallie there (we moved to St Marys when I was 35 weeks pregnant with her) and Oliver to 31 weeks pregnancy before moving to Westbury. It was pretty cold and quite eventful for a small town. We had a murder on our street but it happened while we were in Melbourne which sounds quite coincidental seeing as Simon was the only policeman for the town.

We got a few perks for living in a remote one man station (meaning only one officer to man the whole town) such as the rent only $20 a week. It did have its drawbacks though because everyone knew where the copper lived and even if Simon was off duty, it kinda felt like he was always on duty because things would happen at all hours of the day or night. At times it felt a bit scary because when big things happened (like the guy with a crossbow just a few houses up from us), Simon had to tackle it alone while he waited for back-up which was at least 40min away. Sometimes I don't think we appreciate enough what these officers put on the line everyday to protect us. Okay so back to the blog post. :)

After a trip down memory lane in St Marys, Simon took the kids to the East Coast Natureworld park at Bicheno.

Okay if you are wondering who that is with Sarra, I introduce Stanley who is on holiday all around the world getting snaps with various icons. At the moment he is with us in Australia so we are helping him get to know some of the locals.

Somewhere north of Triabunna.............

Next they headed into Hobart checking out the Smiggles shop and then onto stay at Collette's (who wasn't home;) )...............

The second day they went up Mount Wellington....................

And then they finished off the day by going down to the wharf for an ice-cream..........

What a good Dad to go all that way and fit all that into two days with four kids. Yup he's pretty amazing. He can cook too!! ;) The kids always have heaps more fun with Simon than with me. :) The only thing he seems to act like a 'Mum' about is getting sand in the car. LOL.

Toward the end of the holidays we also went up to my Dad's place for his birthday. It was very cold outside but nice and warm inside with Dad's new heat pump. Happy birthday Dad!!!