Sunday, June 12, 2011's WINTER

For the past couple of weeks Simon has been away for search and rescue training. The first week he was away for 6 days and then just 4 days this week. On the last day he came back, they asked him to go back up to Lake McKenzie to retrieve the police bus. He had to spend the night there before bringing it back, so Sarra, Hallie and Oliver were allowed to go too.

This is inside the police bus. think it is literally a Metro bus fitted out as a mobile police command centre.

Random policeman in the pic. I hope the kids weren't too noisy for him.

And this is outside the police bus.

The kids loved having a play in the snow and eating the ice. Brrr!!!

Having a look at Devils Gullet - I dare not ask how the place got its name!!!

Looking down Devil's Gullet is a 220 metre drop.

It looks so cold and Simon was out training the new recruits in THAT. Give me ugg boots and a hot chocolate by the fire any day.


Anonymous said...

I detest the snow,, I mean I really detest the snow.
Love Lorraine.

Bride said...

that just seems crazy seeing snow! it's way too early!!!

The Kings said...

That bus is awesome!! The snow looks so pretty on a sunny day. I take it you don't want to come to the snow with us Mum!? ;)

Makayla said...

oh brrr! That bus is cool! looks like the kids had a good time :)