Sunday, May 30, 2010

There are Angels in our midst

Over the past week our family has experienced the thoughtfulness and caring actions of so many friends. Although we did not expect to be on the receiving end of such kindness, we are truly greatful for it, for it has helped so much. Each of your actions has given us strength in feeling and knowing that we have been supported during this time. Thank you to all those who sent beautiful flowers with kind and touching notes, and to those who provided assistance in other ways.

Late on Thursday night we answered a knock at the door to find that angels had visited us, obviously spending a good amount of time showing that they were thinking of us. Thank you so much, it did bring a smile in what has been a testing time. Thankyou.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cross Country

Today Sarra and Hallie participated in their cross country events. Sarra was very serious, stretching and limbering up.

Her and Olivia were neck and neck the whole 2kms.

They ended up coming equal first.

Hallie's cross country was more of a fun run seeing as she is only in grade 1.

She came first too, beating all the grade 2 girls as well, bar one.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Simon and Jonty's building project

Simon has been building a shed in the backyard to fit our ever increasing 'stuff'. When we had Jonty, the computer desk was in with Oliver. We moved that out to the outside shed so Jonty would fit but trying to get in there amongst the bikes, chook feed, freezer, food storage etc has become quite the obstacle course.

There was an existing slab in the backyard which the previous copper had kindly left behind after removing his own garden shed, so Simon just built it on top of that.

Now we can put the bikes and garden tools in there and have some more room in the other shed. It just needs a lick of paint, some colourbond framing around the door and a door knob and its all finished.

Jonty decided he would help out and has spent the last few days in his gumboots splashing around in the puddles and everynow and again checking on Simon, chatting to him in some goobydygok kind of talk and then heading back to the puddles.