Friday, November 28, 2008

Reaching for the sky

Since we got our new trampoline a few months ago, it has replaced ABC Kids as our new babysitter. :) Oliver loves jumping on it and has now taught himself how to do somersaults without touching the trampoline with his feet.

Actually I think he watched Hallie and learnt off her as 'she who has no fear' taught herself how to do jumping somersaults ages ago.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Liffey Falls

Today we went to Liffey Falls with Ryan and Nicole Hargreaves. They are down from Sydney with their 3 kids, Deakin, Piper and Talen. Ryan has not been back in Tassie for 7yrs and Nicole has never been here so it was nice for him to show her where he grew up as a 'farm boy'. It's been good catching up with Ryan and getting to know his little family.

Simon loves taking the scenery shots..............

27 dresses

Collette put this photo of Oliver on her blog in a dress...

but I found this one from when we were at Nathan's 12th birthday party and this one has to be worse. He is going to be so embarrassed when he is older and we show him these luverly photos.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why so quiet

This morning Simon took Hallie to her school swimming lessons and I left Oliver watching cartoons and Jonty sitting in his rocker. It was the perfect time to clean the bathroom and I raced through it before Jonty got fussy. After about an hour, I wondered why it was so quiet and this is what I found in the loungeroom..... Oliver no doubt tuckered out from our Thanksgiving dinner at the Corona's last night. (post to come) I don't know at what stage he decided to take his clothes off!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Present from Kinder

Today Hallie came home from school with a present for Jonty from her classmates. They had each done a drawing of Jonty and had it laminated on a poster. Some of the pictures were such a crack-up. Hallie's friend Alice drew him with green hair and quite a few of them had given him blue feet. It was a lovely little present.

The principal and kinder teacher also gave him a book from the Leap Pad programme that is suitable for children from 4 mths and encourages parents to start early in developing good reading habits and making reading time at home enjoyable. It was a lovely gesture and that's partly why I love the kids being in a small school. They had even written a note inside to him.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My little helpers

We came home last Thursday from hospital and although it has been hard getting used to no sleep, milk coming in and everything that goes with a newborn, I have had some amazing little helpers at home that have worked hard to make things easier for me. I hope the novelty does not wear off for these two munchkins because they want to do absolutely everything for Jonty. I am so glad now I had two girls first because they seem to have a natural inclination to want to do things for Jonty whereas Oliver is more like, 'i'm not phased by it all'.

I am trying to make sure that Oliver is not left out and we are having heaps of cuddles and spending as much time together so he doesn't get resentful. When Jonty is feeding he is happy to perch on the arm of the chair next to me and watch tv.

When we got home on Thursday, Katherine brought over tea for us and had pulled in the washing and folded it, leaving it at the backdoor with a pressie. On Saturday she brought over some scrumptious muffins too. Thankyou so much. Wouldn't we all like neighbours like that!

At the hospital Oliver and Hallie helped with Jonty's first bath and he screamed the place down. Oliver just wanted to splash the water around and then got bored.

He stuck his fingers in his ears when Jonty's crying got too loud and then was too interested in his lollies to help out anymore.

One of the midwives taught Sarra how to change Jonty's nappy. She was wanting to do all nappies for the first few days but has now decided that the poo ones are too smelly. Each time we change Jonty the girls get out the change mat and the wipes and new nappy and line them all up on the floor. They even get a wet cotton wool bud to clean around the umbilical cord.

At feed time they take turns burping in between sides. The only rule I have is that they are not allowed to pick him up when he is asleep. I don't let them walk around from room to room with him, just incase they trip on something.

I think Simon did a great job on the last post. Your right Carli, it did read a bit like a policeman's "statement of events". I was waiting for him to say, and "then the baby disembarked from the tummy", like they always say "the person disembarked from the vehicle". Sarra's best friend Naomi's Mum, Brenda, is a midwife and we have got to know each other really well since our girls have been best friends since kinder. We joked about her delivering the baby and would you believe it she was on that morning and delivered Jonty.

This is one of my favourite shots of Simon cutting the cord and of course the mobile phone in the foreground. Can't have a baby anymore without one of those. And I don't know why I wore a white top! I love it how they are that real purply colour and then right before your eyes they turn their normal skin tone.