Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alum Cliffs - beautiful Tassie scenery

During the Easter school holidays, on Easter Saturday, we decided to venture out on a walk. Quite adventurous I thought, with five kids, and the majority with short little legs (including me). :)

I had never even heard of Alum Cliffs, let alone been there and was quite surprised to learn from Tammy that it was in our backyard. The Rowlings had gone there the day before and stopped in to see us on the way home.

So we loaded Flynn in the backpack and set off.

I would have really loved this pic if Ollie didn't have the crocheted blanket wrapped around him like a shawl. :)

We didn't get very far until Jonty "I don't wanna walk more than two steps "Triffitt started.

So we all gave in, just to keep the walk nice and peaceful and Simon carried him.

Classic face - yay I won!!

 The flora and fauna along the path was very beautiful and full of such diverse colours.

and there were even information stops to read about the Aborigines who first lived here.

When we got to the end with the observation deck, we ran into some very familiar faces, with cheese dippys in tow.

Lisa, Chrish, Lorraine and Nick, Jared and Jay, Harri, Kobe, Kelsey and Eamon had decided to do the walk as well. It was funny because me and the kids had been with them the night before for a bonfire for Good Friday and none of us had thought about going to Alum Cliffs until the Saturday morning so to end up there at the same time was a bit of a laugh.

As you can see it was a bit windy.

Little kids always have a fascination with throwing sticks over the edge (or is it just Jonty?) ;)

Just a little way into the walk is an open area with some huge wooden log type structures to play on.  I can't remember what their significance was.


It was great to get out and appreciate what Tasmania has to offer right in our own backyard and not take for granted the amazing scenery and beautiful natural bushland untouched by humans for the most part for thousands of years.