Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Run Forrest Run

I don't know if my kids will ever want to run as far as Forrest Gump but they did a pretty good job at their running carnival today. I love being as proud of punch as they pump their little legs (rarely winning but just getting in there and having a go). They are in Westfield which is green. Apparently Westfield have won 12 times in a row. Egmont, the blue team had better lift their game.

Sarra and her best friend Naomi won the three-legged race. They had been practicing heaps and it definitely paid off. Hallie concentrated so hard in the egg and spoon race. She never took her eye off it.

Oliver wanted to be our paparazzi for the day. He loves going to school, doing parent help and playing when we pick the girls up each day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And so it begins...

I have been nappy free for the past six months but alas it is soon to come to an end. I had started stocking up on newborn nappies but after reading Lisa's post, I am ready to convert.......... well just half and half to begin with. Half disposable, half bumgenius and see how I go. I actually enjoy laundry (don't roll your eyes siblings :)) so maybe it won't take long to fully convert.

These gorgeous little Bonds suits and singlets are from Oma. Thankyou so much. I could not live without these little suits. They are so practical and my babies live in them for the first three to six months. Plus they are just so darn cuddly in them.

At the moment with just over 3 wks to go I am swinging on a pendulum from utter exhaustion to almost manic energy. I am sure my RS counsellors think I am going crazy as I try to fit in board meetings, presidency meetings and other things before D-Day.

I have an ante-natal to-do list that Toni would be so proud of. Here are some of the things I have done or plan to do before Nov7.

1. clean windows inside and out. See that sounds sane enough except I found myself cleaning the aluminium frames with an old toothbrush.

2. upgrade life insurance - preparing for the worst case scenario during child birth - no I decided I wanted to be worth a bit more. :)

3. re-evaluate food storage - just incase the world comes to an end after Nov 7

4. get a full leg wax, haircut and Sarra to paint my toe nails - don't want to scare the midwife anymore than is necessary.

And the list goes on.

The other thing I have planned is that I have invited my sisters to the birth. I consulted Simon and he said, 'why not, it's the last one might as well make it a party". Some of you may be horrified that I would have other people there but after going to Mel's birth back in Feb, I thought I would at least give my sisters the option if they wanted to.

Now as the organiser freak of the family, I have already allocated jobs for them.

1. Simon - is my guardian angel who never leaves my side, holds my hand and gives me sips of water. It is his eyes I turn to when I can't cope anymore and in them I draw the strength I need to go on. I could never do this without him and in the end as long as he is with me, that is all that matters.

2. Lisa - time keeper. I am a clock watcher during labour. I remember when contractions start, what time they speed up, when pushing starts and so on and for some reason, it helps me get through.

3. Collette - half-time entertainment. Collettie reckons she might faint. Have you heard the story of how she went with a friend to give blood and she fainted and the blood nurse asked how long ago she had given blood and she replied, "I haven't, I'm just here with my friend". Her humour will keep us all laughing - or it might be my sisters have stolen the gas.... !!

4. Jessica - photographer. Not of me of course, I am strictly a restricted area but of everyone else doing their jobs and so I can journal it all later.

5. Last but not least - Mum. - liasion officer. When I was having Oliver, Mum was very calm and helped the midwife talk the doctor into giving me an epidural (I think using her teacher voice helped) so thumbs-up for Mum.

Oh and no changing jobs around on me either. I will try and stay home as long as possible to get most of the hard yards out of the way. The girls were straight forward but Oliver was long, long, long so we'll see.

Oh and we can't forget that once the baby makes his appearance I have asked blogger queen Lisa to enter stage right to take pictures on her SLR as we all agree how awesome she is at taking shots and I have not one photo of any of the others right after birth. (and because we know Lisa sits around all day doing absolutely nothing right!! :) (only if it is convenient though Lisa - I will put an order in for a day birth on a Sat - that way we can get good car parks too). Last but certainly not least, when it is all over, the kids can make an appearance to meet their new brother. Oh the midwives are gonna love me!!

Ah the best laid plans of mice and men..... it will be interesting to see what actually happens as opposed to the plan.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My cousin's wedding

On Sunday afternoon, we went to my cousin Annie's wedding. My Dad has only one sister so on his side there are only 3 cousins. Mum has 6 brothers and sisters so there were always a few more on her side. I don't see hardly any of them anymore but since Annie has moved back to Tassie from Sydney we have been able to catch up. She is only 3mths older than me and we went to high school together and had so much fun. She has this really contagious laugh that you can't help laughing with her when she starts.

Who is this dapper young gentleman!!
While we were waiting for the photos to be done, the kids kept themselves amused with the silk roses petals that had lined the walkway for the bride.

Dad and Aunty Maureen

Uncle John had opened the bar up for soft drinks and beer and because my kids don't drink fizz or juice or cordial (except on special occasions), the fizz on tap kept them going all night.

They stirred up the dance floor until Oliver could take no more. We got home at 10pm and the kids slept in until 8.45 the next day. I did not have the heart to wake them as they looked so tired coming home. I think all that dancing plus the fact of daylight saving coming in the night before truly wore them out.

Sarra was a little late for school but she took a rose petal and her card which had her name embossed on it for her seat at the reception, to school to show. And as it is her job to set the table each night, she has been placing our name tags from the wedding around the table.