Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Run Forrest Run

I don't know if my kids will ever want to run as far as Forrest Gump but they did a pretty good job at their running carnival today. I love being as proud of punch as they pump their little legs (rarely winning but just getting in there and having a go). They are in Westfield which is green. Apparently Westfield have won 12 times in a row. Egmont, the blue team had better lift their game.

Sarra and her best friend Naomi won the three-legged race. They had been practicing heaps and it definitely paid off. Hallie concentrated so hard in the egg and spoon race. She never took her eye off it.

Oliver wanted to be our paparazzi for the day. He loves going to school, doing parent help and playing when we pick the girls up each day.


Anonymous said...

What a man! Love those camera shots. I have a hard time believing Annie will be in kinda next year, they get too big too fast.

The Kings said...

Oh have you been using your new camera!!!!? Don't you love the little kids in their races - they get so into it.

Collette said...

love how hallie is HOLDING the egg in the egg and spoon race! good one! And with a name like egmont no wonder the blue team never win...tee hee;)