Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My cousin's wedding

On Sunday afternoon, we went to my cousin Annie's wedding. My Dad has only one sister so on his side there are only 3 cousins. Mum has 6 brothers and sisters so there were always a few more on her side. I don't see hardly any of them anymore but since Annie has moved back to Tassie from Sydney we have been able to catch up. She is only 3mths older than me and we went to high school together and had so much fun. She has this really contagious laugh that you can't help laughing with her when she starts.

Who is this dapper young gentleman!!
While we were waiting for the photos to be done, the kids kept themselves amused with the silk roses petals that had lined the walkway for the bride.

Dad and Aunty Maureen

Uncle John had opened the bar up for soft drinks and beer and because my kids don't drink fizz or juice or cordial (except on special occasions), the fizz on tap kept them going all night.

They stirred up the dance floor until Oliver could take no more. We got home at 10pm and the kids slept in until 8.45 the next day. I did not have the heart to wake them as they looked so tired coming home. I think all that dancing plus the fact of daylight saving coming in the night before truly wore them out.

Sarra was a little late for school but she took a rose petal and her card which had her name embossed on it for her seat at the reception, to school to show. And as it is her job to set the table each night, she has been placing our name tags from the wedding around the table.


The Kings said...

Love the pic of Oliver asleep!! My boys would've loved fizz on tap too! They only have it for special treats too.

Collette said...

haha oliver looks like he's enjoying that red fizz a little too much!!

Penny Bingham said...

I love the pic of Oliver with the fizz. Sam would loved to have been along side him with a glass of his own. Sam only has two requirements for a party, chips and juice (fizz).