Thursday, May 29, 2008

Disco Dancing

Last night Westbury PS held a school disco. This was a major event as for the first time ever, the kindergarten kids were invited, which of course meant Hallie could go. As soon as Sarra got home from school, she and Hallie changed into their disco clothes. They entirely picked their own outfits and Hallie was very proud of her shiny red boots which didn't exactly go with her outfit but I did not want to put a dampener on things.

Hallie with her friend Alice

Oliver and I dropped them off at 6 o'clock. Oliver thought it was a real excitement that we were taking the girls to school in the dark. He couldn't believe we were leaving them there and kept asking, "what about Hallie and Sarra".

When we got home, Oliver and I treated ourselves to a bath and then what a treat I got to feast upon. The choccies I won from Carli's blog had arrived in the mail and I tell ya I have never tasted such delectable and amazingly different chocolates before. Can I be mean and say I have not shared a single one with my family. They are just too good and literally the variety of flavours melt in your mouth. Hmm must be time for another one. Instead of guzzling them all down like I usually do with chocolate, I am savouring each one and trying to make them last.

The beginning

The excitement builds

Aah pure bliss

So thankyou so much Carli. Just what I needed.

All this week we have been at the block getting it ready to put on the market. I will post the photos I have taken throughout the week but not the one of me and the kids having a spa while I cleaned it. It really might scare everyone but hey then again it might scare Lisa into labour. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

First digital photos

I found on my computer the first digital photos we took with our first digital camera which arrived on Dec 24, 2002. These are of Sarra the day before her 2nd birthday. I must have been pregnant with Hallie then but I can't remember what it is like to just have one child. Sounds easy now but at the time I bet it was jolly hard.

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. This morning sickness is just hanging on and I think because I am a ripe old age of 34, the tiredness is what is making it so tedious. I never had the tiredness with the others like with this one. Certainly I had more energy having babies in my 20s.
But at 16wks surely the end is in sight and that lovely middle pregnancy burst of energy and good health will come.

I love this photo because there is a black and white photo of my Mum on her mother's porch floating around somewhere that I must scan which reminds me of this photo. All that blonde hair even back then. I had forgotten what a big job it was to brush.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Splish splosh

Whenever we go to Tammy's for tea, the kids always have a bath and get in their pjs before we go home so they can go straight to bed. Oliver always hops in this plastic container to have his bath. We started off doing it that way because Tammy had just painted the walls but now Oliver seems to want to do it all the time. Strange ideas my kids. I think he is starting to get a bit big now.

Speaking of love letters (Chelsea's blog), I got a wonderful poem from Sarra for Mother's Day that I just have to share with you.

M - My Mum is the specialist gril (girl) in the world to me
O - Only mother who I love the most
T - Teaches me how to do everything
H - Her my very special mother
E - Each and every Mum I love mine the most
R - Really I love mine the most
S - She is my very special Mum.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stuck in the mud

I said to the girls they could have a LITTLE ride on their bikes through the puddles. You would think I would have learned by now. And yes they did have their clothes on to start with.

Sorry Jacquie, here are the 10 things I love about Hallie. I will be thinking of you in Melbourne.

1. Her big soft beautiful brown eyes
2. The way she brushes your brow with her hand when you are sick
3. Her love of all things to do with Spiderman and Peter Parker
4. She has lovely skin with an all round hint of a tan
5. Her nimbleness and love of climbing, hence the nickname, 'monkey'
6. The way she takes getting sick in her stride and how brave she is on blood days
7. Her soft blonde curls
8. Her self-assuredness in her capabilities without a hint of arrogance
9. The way she always comes up to me and gives me cuddles for no reason
10. The cute little gap between her front teeth