Thursday, May 8, 2008

Splish splosh

Whenever we go to Tammy's for tea, the kids always have a bath and get in their pjs before we go home so they can go straight to bed. Oliver always hops in this plastic container to have his bath. We started off doing it that way because Tammy had just painted the walls but now Oliver seems to want to do it all the time. Strange ideas my kids. I think he is starting to get a bit big now.

Speaking of love letters (Chelsea's blog), I got a wonderful poem from Sarra for Mother's Day that I just have to share with you.

M - My Mum is the specialist gril (girl) in the world to me
O - Only mother who I love the most
T - Teaches me how to do everything
H - Her my very special mother
E - Each and every Mum I love mine the most
R - Really I love mine the most
S - She is my very special Mum.


The Kings said...

That poem is so sweet! I don't know how Oliver will go when he is 10 and still in that plastic container!! LOL

Wheeler Team said...

Isn't it fun being a mum- sometimes anyway :)

make it perfect said...

i love that poem! sarra is the best. :) tell her i think she is very clever.

Jackie & Mark said...

that is sooo cute simone..that is when kids are special and they can't do anything wrong huh!
hope you had a great mothers day..
mark,dean and jasen cooked for us and yes! they got it easy and we had a was nice because mark bbq's great steaks..

Osbaldiston Family said... sweet! You are one loved mum!