Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Spring Father's Day

On Sunday it was the 1st of September, the  first day of Spring and what a beautiful warm day to celebrate Father's Day it was. Depending on what shift Simon is on, he isn't always home on Father's Day so it was really nice to have him home for the whole day.

We started the morning with some really cool homemade pressies which Simon always loves and we have always kept what the kids have made over the years. They are always SO excited for him to open what they have so painstakingly made.

We watched Stake Conference on the laptop while I made some lunch to take out to my Dad's house and the kids played outside in their pjs on the trampoline because the weather was SO nice for this time of year.

Our trampoline had got a big hole in it before we moved so the kids went the whole of last summer without one. Over the past few months they have foregone their pocket money so we could get them another mat and put it on the old trampoline and we moved it right up close to the deck so they can just run and jump straight onto it.

My Dad lives about 45 minutes away so at about 11.30 we set off from home. I love going to my Dad's this time of year because in the middle of his paddock is a whole heap of wild daffodils that the kids love to play in.

The kids as usual love having a ride on the trailer and go for a little ride around the yard. And one of them can't go without all his dessert.

There are so many places to explore at Dad's and the kids always love going over to the water wheel that Dad thought up and had built for the dam.

The view from Dad's verandah.

And Rohan is getting so tall too.


My little shadow is never far from me. I love how much he loves me. And I kinda think he knows how much I love him too. :)

As well as exploring and kite flying and riding on the trailer, there was also things to climb.

And when you gotta go you gotta go - we were out in the country after all.

And there is always a cheeky one.

We had a great afternoon with my Dad and the Wheelers and when we got home I cooked a roast turkey and baked cheesecake with mixed berries on top (we asked Simon what he wanted for tea) and we were enjoying it nicely when Simon got a call to go out on a search and rescue for some lost bushwalkers. (they found them at about 5am). Thank goodness I filled him up on good feed first.


Anonymous said...

Loved all he photos Simone, and Simon is a great Dad.
Your father's property is just divine.
Love Lorraine.

stevenjared0853 said...

A day well spent! We have also booked one of the New York Event Venues where there are outdoor activities and a party hall for Father’s Day because my son’s birthday is also on that day only this time. So, we have planned a grand party for the day.