Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jonty's "no wee" party

 Jonty started his toilet  training in great style on the potty back in May of 2011. (2.5yrs) He did really well there because, I think it was right near the TV.

By the end of November of that year, Jonty (3yrs)was sitting on the toilet.

He would still often have some slip ups, mainly because he would be distracted during the day when he was having fun and remember that he needed to go to the toilet just as it was coming out. This went on for another year where he could go for days without a slip up and then have a little accident, not usually a full-on wee episode but just a bit in his undies. There were however some days when it would be like Niagara Falls.

(Dec 2012)

So needless to say it was a bit hit and miss. This year with the start of kinder three days a week, I was really worried that accidents would happen at school but we are now nearly finished 3rd term and there have been none at school or at home.

In all of this I did not dream of trying to night train Jonty. On our overseas holiday last year he went a few days with a dry nappy but it didn't last very long. Since then he has sporadically gone a night or two with a dry nap or only one wee but I wasn't confident enough to put him in undies.
A few months ago, Jonty started waking up more and more with a dry nappy and getting up to excitedly tell us that he had "no wees".

So about three weeks ago we told Jonty that if he went to bed in undies and had no wees and got up to go the thte toilet when he needed to he could have a "no wees party" to celebrate graduating from a night nappy to undies.

Jonty picked Treasure Island for the place of his no wees party and would talk about it almost everyday, asking "is today my no wees party".

Simon returned from a Search and Rescue training walk on Thursday and told Jonty that on Friday he could have his no wees party.

Jonty, Simon and Flynn had an absolute ball. Jonty was first going to wait for the others to finish school but he got too excited and just wanted to go. Simon said at first there were only 3 other kids there and then they had the place to themselves.

 This boy has no fear.

After their trip to Treasure Island, Simon took Jonty to k-mart and he picked out a little glow-in the dark dinosaur as a treat to bring home as reward for his hard toilet training work.

Their final stop was a KFC. I am really glad we made a real fuss over Jonty doing this as I can imagine it is a big thing for little kids to get their head around and we wanted to let him know we were proud of his efforts. 

In the scheme of things with everything that is going on in the world, it doesn't seem very significant what Jonty has achieved. But for me, the significance is in letting Jonty know we love him and are proud of him, that Jonty thinks its a big deal means its a big deal to us and spending one on one time with him increases his knowledge and confidence that he is a special and important member of our family.

And this tag-along didn't think it was half bad either.


Anonymous said...

Well,,it is a it deal.
Well done Jonty.
I hated the toilet training days worse than anything else, besides the sleepless nights, sore boobs, tantrums, , nappy changing, whinging both from the kids and
Looks like he loved his no more wee party.
You are great parents.
Love Lorraine.

Nettie's Blog said...

what an awesome thing to do for Jonty...he will remember it forever...Loving parents get the did Jonty XXXXX