Monday, September 9, 2013

Fukuoka Japan {Jayme's mission call}


 Last night we headed over to the Wheelers after tea for a very exciting announcement. Jayme had put his mission papers in for our church on the 6th of August and now exactly a month later on Friday the 6th of September, his call had arrived in the mail. Jayme was in Melbourne on Friday and not back until last night so Lisa excitedly rang him on Friday to tell him it was here and so it sat on his bed until he got home last night.

Of course his plane was delayed which added to the anticipation so by the time he got home it was almost 8pm.

Jayme anticipating opening the envelope. (such a Jayme thing to do with his sense of humour) :)

We couldn't get started right away because there was ALOT of technology to set up with Skypes to my sisters Collette in Hobart and Jess in Melbourne and Jayme's girlfriend who also lives in Melbourne. And then there were some of Jayme's friends too. So all this probably took another 20 minutes or so.

Simon trying to get Jess on Skype while Flynn slept through the whole excitement.

The excitement really started to build as we realised that all the Skypies were in place and we were ready for Jayme to open the envelope.

I think in the room we had my Mum, the Launceston East ward missionaries who were on loud speaker with other missionaries that Jayme knows serving over here in Tas, Jayme's grandparents, Noel and Margaret, our brood of 7, the Wheelers and Emily's boyfriend Michael and Tayla who was juggling skypers very well.

And then I think we had about 7 people on Skype ready for the announcement.

In our house we had placed bets on where Jayme would be going. Whoever won got a big block of chocolate. I chose New Zealand, Simon-Japan, Hallie-South Africa, Sarra-Indonesia, Jonty-Australia and Oliver-Brazil. Flynn just continued to sleep. 

We were all very excited for Jayme and the atmosphere was very happy and jubilant as we all knew that it didn't matter where he went, going on a mission was going to be one of the BEST decisions he will ever make.

As Jayme read out his destination we couldn't hear all of it as we were all screaming with excitement as he read out JAPAN!! 

He is to be at the Provo MTC on the 10th of December, just two days after his 19th birthday where he will spend 3 months before entering the Fukuoka Japan mission for the remainder of his 24 months. It is so close to Korea and we were in Pusan (Busan) this time last year. Maybe we should have waited until next year so we could have popped over on the ferry (about 6hrs) and visited with him. :)

We couldn't be happier or prouder of our nephew.  We have 3 nephews out on missions from Simon's side of the family and now 1 from my side so that makes 4 now and I am so proud of these wonderful young men, for their examples of selfless sacrifice and courage to face life in a foreign country and devote 2 years to inviting people to learn about Jesus Christ.

The vid announcement

Jayme's announcement on Instagram :)

Now to buy Simon his big block of chocolate.


Wheeler Team said...

Love this post the most!!! It was such an exciting night, I am still on cloud 9. The first person to ever serve a mission in our direct family, what an honour for Jayme to begin that tradition. Then soon after mum to follow suit, so very exciting

Anonymous said...

Very exciting news indeed!!!!!!
Love Lorraine.