Saturday, September 21, 2013

Toby comes to town

At the beginning of this week, we had a lovely visit from the Bells. I hadn't seen Toby since his blessing back on the 4th of August so I was looking forward to a visit and to see how much he had grown.

Hallie was especially looking forward to them coming and had asked me to make sure Collette and H ayden were up before school finished so that we could go and meet them after school and walk home together.

The boys loved having Hayden around and Jonty especially loved it, getting Hayden to play lego with him and the wii.

Flynn also loved hanging out with Toby and was very gentle with him, although Toby doesn't look too happy in this pic.

And I can't believe that Toby's pjs used to be Flynn's.

We spent a lovely two days together, just hanging out and chatting and catching up and Toby was such a good boy sleeping from 8.30 - 6am. It must have been all that stimulation of SO many extra kids around him. ;)

We took Toby for a drive to the ETC and had a really yummy lunch.

Bath -time was especially fun.

And finally after alot of photos I got one of Toby giggling and smiling at the girls. Pity it was just a iphone quality one.

Come again soon baby Toby.

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