Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wiggles-live concert and front row seats..........

Yesterday Jonty and I went to the Wiggles with Lisa, Pip and Kell. We had Jonty, Kobe, Cam, Charlotte, Oliver and Matilda. Pip's husband Ben came too.

I have never watched the Wiggles, don't know any of their songs and Jonty had no clue what I was on about when I told him what we were doing. Lisa kept cracking up at me, asking me if I knew this song or that song and I had to admit that other than 'Hot Potato', I really didn't know any.

As soon as the Wiggles came out, all the kids just sat there open-mouthed, in awe. It was so funny to see them all so entranced with the Wiggles.

Because Lisa had lined up last year for us to get the tickets, we had the BEST seats in the whole theatre - front row right in the middle. We could see practically everything, all their expressions and interactions with each other. They looked like they were having as much of a blast as the audience which is why they are probably so successful.

Dorothy the dinosaur was a big hit. I didn't know that she liked to eat roses but Pip had brought some for the kids to hand to her. Sam came around and collected them.

Dorothy was even clever enough to do the splits!

Jeff was funny doing his usual 'fall asleep' routine and all the kids had to tell him to 'wake up Jeff'.

I actually surprised myself at how much fun it was and was a bit disappointed when it was over.
I took Simon as a surprise, to see the Top Gear live show in Melbourne last week and I gotta admit it had nothing on the Wiggles. :)

They also did Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with all the lights off and the kids loved it. I definitely knew that song. ;)

At one stage Murray came up to Jonty to say hello but he hid behind me, too shy to say hi back. Lisa got a great pic of it below. You can also see from her pic, how close we were to the stage!!

You can see her awesome Wiggles post here.
I'm so glad I took Jonty now.


The Kings said...

SO glad that you came! They always put on a good show, whether you know their songs or not :)

Nettie's Blog said...

wish my grandkids lived closer i would have someone to take ..THEN i could go to amazing concerts like that and have a real excuse...sniff sniff!!!!

the woodwards said...

i think you have to edit this post.. Lisa and Lisa lined up for the tickets!!! hahahaha
glad you had a good time!!

Collette said...

i think the blue wiggle is handsome! can't wait till simon reads this and sees you rated wiggles over top gear..NO WAY!

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