Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy birthday Hallie

Happy 8th birthday Hallie.
Born at 1.41pm, weighing 8 pound 7 and only 48.5 cm long. Best labour. Only 7.5 hrs long. And she has been on the go ever since.

Goal in life - a pro-BMX rider no more........ she has progressed onto a pro stunt scooterer (if there is such a thing).

Hence for her birthday a mad gear pro scooter (thanks e-bay) that she can do according to Hallie, 'proper stunts' on.

Jonty copying his big sister.
For her birthday Hallie had invited a few school friends to the mini-golf and Treasure Island play centre. They had a ball and finished the morning off with Macdonalds for lunch.

Flynn was not phased by all the fun.

Okay so her birthday cake tonight was supposed to be a red scooter. Instead it turned out pink and we had to prop up the handle bars with a skewer. No matter, it still tasted yummy!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Flynn Firsts.....

The past two weeks has been a whirlwind of feeding, meds, little sleep, nappy changes, burping, pacing, rocking - did I mention little sleep?? The beauty of having had a few babies is that you know the time of 'settling in to the world' for your little baby will soon pass and eventually you get your sanity and sleep back - eventually!!

On the 12th of April, 2011 at 10.24pm, Flynn Charlie Stephen Triffitt was born weighing 8 pound 7 ounces and 52 cm long. Because we knew he had CAH, we had 3 doctors present along with my 2 midwives, Mel and Brenda. (she delivered Jonty too). This time it was just Simon and I at Flynn's birth. We loved having family there with Jonty but decided that this time we would finish having babies as we started - just the two of us.

Lisa King Photography - 12 hours old
I got to spend a bit of time with Flynn before they put him in 4N (neo-natal) but they let him room in with me for some of the time too at first and then more and more as he got used to his meds and his blood sugar levels were okay. We did his blood sugar levels every shift change so he ended up with quit a few holes in his heels but he got used to it pretty quick.

We ended up only having to stay in for 7 days, instad of the 3 weeks we anticipated. He didn't throw up any of his meds and the only thing that happened was his temp went up and he started getting dehydrated (the start of an adrenal crisis) so they put the naso-gastric (NG) tube in and gave him extra milk to get him going again. On day 7 they took that out and we were able to go home. (yay cos my roomie smoked and it was really starting to smell)

So since being home, here are a few pics of what Flynn has been up to in the first 2 weeks of his life.

Just born.............

Meeting family and friends.....

This is my Dad whose name is Stephen and for who Flynn's middle name is from. My Dad's Dad was named Stephen too so we thought it a very fitting middle name. The other middle name, Charlie comes from Charlotte which we were going to shorten to Charly. Just something to remember the special bond between her and Flynn.

These two photos taken from Lisa's blogpost on Flynn, here.

Jonty more interested in what's going on outside the window!!

First bath........... hated it!!!

Visit to school..........

First Easter...........

Okay so it looks like Jonty enjoyed Easter the most.......

First of many bloods............

We are doing bloods twice a week at the moment. His electrolytes are very low and we have added the salt saline to his med regime. We were hoping to avoid this as it tastes really yuk and Flynn hates it but Hallie ended up on it for a year so I wasn't surprised when Flynn had to start it too.

The upside is that the other kids get to play in the 4K playground..........

First Anzac Day...........

A few more shots that Lisa took which can be viewed at Lisa King Photography.

Hanging out with my big bro...........
who has this weird fascination for wanting to lick my face and feed me by putting me on his belly button for a 'sandwich'. At first when I was feeding Flynn, Jonty came running over and said, 'no, no bite Mummy'. I think he is still trying to work the whole breast-feeding thing out.