Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally, he's here!

Jonty Jonah 8lb 14

Well, here I am diving into the world of blogging with my first post. Simone has given me the password to her blog with instructions to post a few photos to keep you bloggers off her back and to quash any rumours as to a name. I'll post a shortened 'male version' of events and leave the full low down for Simone.

For the past week or so Simone will tell you that I have been asking her - 'any contractions yet' like a broken record every 5 minutes. As the due date came and went I started to wonder if this baby would ever come out and came to the conclusion that he come a week or so late like Sarra, Hallie and Oliver each did. She had a couple of periods were she would start to have regular pains for a while, but they soon went away.

I came home after work just after midnight on Monday night and was just about to go to bed when Simone came into the lounge room stating she had been having regular contractions since 10pm. 'finally' I said to her like a little kid on Christmas morning and quickly made the kids school lunches and got their clothes ready for the next day in preparation of an early morning dash to the hospital. 2am rolls around and the contractions stop, much to my annoyance, so off we trot for bed with me being a little grumpy realising I could have been asleep already for 2 hours.

It felt as though I hadn't shut my eyes for more than a minute when Simone wakes me with the startling statement - 'Simon, my waters have just broken' at about 3:15. I jump out of bed and it took a few seconds for my brain to register what she had just said.

We travelled into the hospital just after 4am and I made sure Simone was seated on a number of towels 'just in case' to protect the new car. We hadn't travelled more than 2 minutes before Simone say 'Uh oh, it's gone all over the seat and down my leg onto the floor' - great, not much we can do about that now.

We get to the hospital and there shortly later are met by the birthing team of Merylin, Lisa, Collette and Jessica, all with pre-assigned roles that Simone had given them.

The birthing team, including Jessica sleeping on the floor

8am rolls around and not much is happening. The doctor comes in and has a quick check and informs Simone that if she doesn't have the baby today then they'll give her something to speed things up tomorrow and even said that she could go home if she wanted. The expression on Simone's face was priceless. there was NO way she was going home and absolutely no way she was waiting until tomorrow to have the baby. Simone had stated on Monday that the only two days the baby could be born this week was either Tuesday or Friday ....'why?' I hear you ask - because every other day had been taken up with other extended family birth dates.

Simone was prepared to do just about anything to get him out so we went for a long walk or should I say a slow waddle around the hospital grounds which worked a treat. Within 10 minutes she started having more regular big contractions which were being timed by Lisa (her pre-assigned role) and we continued to walk for a further 30 minutes or so. We walked/waddled back up to the delivery ward and at 11:35 Jonty Jonah was delivered (after a few episodes of disbelief by Simone with statements like ' he's never going to come out is he? and 'I don't believe you, you're lying' when informed that she only needed to push a few more times).

For all you loyal bloggers, Simone should be home tomorrow so she will then post an 'official version' of events


Paige said...

Congratulations! He's perfect. What a handsome little man. I'm so glad the labor is over for you. Now for the recovery!

Collette said...

The picture of Hallie holding him and his head is hanging down is priceless!
Nice work should take over the blogging more often!

The Parsons Family said...

ohhh bless, he is utterly divine! This was such a great post to read Simon, you did a great job! Cant wait to catch up with Simone and hear the whole story. Way to go did it.. And way to go to the birthing team! how fun!

The Kings said...

Awesome blog post Simon!!! Very impressed. Glad it's all over for Simone - now the hard part really starts! :)

Launceston East Ward Relief Society said...

Great blogging Simon & congratulations on the safe arrival of a precious little baby Jonty. Hugs & Kisses to you all xo

Carli said...

Congratulations to all of you (sounds like the large support crew did they're job well!). Oh especially to you Simone! Simon's account was precise and policeman-like!

Penny Bingham said...

Congratulations Simone! I'm so glad Jonty finally arrived. Sam and Ella were excited yesterday to see pictures of their new cousin on Lisa's blog. He looks so round and cudely! Good job on the blog Simon!

Angela said...

Congratulations on your new arrival! Glad to hear that mum and bub are doing well :)

Bianca said...

He's gorgeous! Congratulations!!

melandpeter said...

Congrats Simone and Simon! Beautiful pictures.

Country/City Boy said...

Love the blog, great work Simon, make u want to write more often? lol

Nikki Docking said...

What a gorgeous little man. Congratulations!! You look wonderful Simone, hope all is going really well for the family. Thinking of you. xx