Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fright Night

On Friday night we had our annual Halloween Party at the Websters. They always hold such a great party and everyone turns out looking scary and funny. Alot of work had gone into making the night a success and it paid off as everyone had such a great time.

Our gate keepers, Jasen and Dean, directing the traffic
The kids were really looking forward to dressing up and had each decided what they wanted to go as. Hallie chose a pirate (nothing girly there), Sarra a vampire and Oliver, spiderman. I decided to go as a pumpkin because that's close enough to what I look like anyway. Not to break with tradition, Simon decided to go as..... himself. He was in charge of some of the games and helped pick the prizes for best dressed.

We started off the night with trunk or treat. We had a lot of car boots all decorated so the kids could walk around with bags and get their fill of lollies. I liked this part because I knew later the kids would just LOVE to share their lollies with me.

I don't blame some people for mistaking me as a carrot!

Check out some of the costumes. Does this kid look scary to you!!

I think the highlight for the kids was the haycart ride towed along by Kim on the tractor. Sometimes when I see the adults up on the back, I think they are having just as much fun.

Throughout the night we had sausages in bread and yummy Halloween desserts. It was nice to just relax and sit around talking and laugh at some of the costumes. I was very impressed with the Mummys who made their kids outfits. They all deserved a prize for their sewing and creative talents. The extent of my creative talent was to fill an orange garbo bag full of crushed newspapers, although I didn't need much padding really.


The Kings said...

I've been hanging out for this post!! Great photos Simon! Loving the new camera.

Penny Bingham said...

Simone you make a great pumpkin!. I'm so impressed with the creative homemade costumes. Over here it's just too easy to buy one!

Collette said...

HAHAHA no WONDER people thought you were a carrot! thats what you look like!! Looks like fun! Nice wig sarra is wearing!