Sunday, December 28, 2014

3 Christmas days.

The night before Christmas, the kids were very excited. I knew it would be awhile before we could get them to sleep. I had just finished 37 hours of work already for the week and I was pooped but wanted to keep going because the kids were so excited. The kids were also very excited because Hayden, Collette and Toby were coming back in time for Christmas and they wanted to wait up for them.

One of our friend's, Connor Sydes had made the kids some reindeer food and Jonty and Flynn were very excited sprinkling it around outside.

We decided to go for a drive around the town to see some of the cool lights on the houses. We joked that as our town is only around 2000 people, that about 4 houses would be decorated. We were surprised to see some people had gone all out and even our local pizza joint looked pretty cool.

The next morning the kids were pretty excited and Hallie was reportedly awake since

This photo cracks me up of Flynn with his head in his Santa bag.

Toby was SO excited about his kinder chocolate. There were toys all around him but his eyes lit up when he saw the chocolate. Definitely a relation of mine!

At 9am, we had four missionaries over for breakfast, Sister Hatch (Utah) and Gilbert (Texas) and Elder Dela Cruz (Phillipines) and Wilson (New Zealand). It's a tradition we started last year and also a good excuse to have awesome breakfast food.

After breakfast, each of the missionaries got to Skype home and I must admit Telstra you did your job today as we had 5 going at once. Two on iPads, two on each computer and then Mum face timed Collette's phone as well. I got a little teary as I took these photos as life is about family and it was so lovely to see everyone excited to be able to talk and see each other, after so long apart.

We also gave the missionaries some chocolate and a cute little Tassie Devil photo frame  each.

It was a real privilege having the missionaries in our home on Christmas morning. They travel from all around the world to talk to people and teach people who would like to know the Saviour better and Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birth so I feel it very fitting to have his representatives in our home to set the tone for the day. 

It also made me feel closer to my Mum who is doing a mission at the family history centre in SLC, Utah. By doing something special for these four on Christmas Day, I feel like I'm doing something special for my Mum.

After the missionaries left to go elsewhere for lunch, Hayden got out the bubbles Santa had brought.

Jonty also got a rocket bottle launcher. Since we got it, we have become very good at making it go super-high and everyday the kids are outside launching it.

We started on making lunch, ready for when the Wheelers would arrive and set a time for 1pm to sit down to turkey and ham and roast veggies. We had organised a time for Mum to FaceTime again and so she was able to have lunch with us. ;) Its nice being able to talk to Mum whenever we want but it will definitely be better when we can have her home for Christmas in 2016. We miss you Mum!!

We also talked to the my other sister Jess, via FaceTime in the morning as they were in Adelaide and were about to head off to the zoo. Nora's new cabbage patch doll cracked us up and Bastian looked very grown up and happy for it to be Christmas Day. Kyle (and beard) were pouring over a building book he had received. Looking forward to a great BIG Christmas 2016.

It was nice after lunch to sit around chatting with family and then after the Wheelers left later in the day, the boys played with some of their toys in the bath. Quote of the day was from Jonty, "when is it Easter". Haha let's just enjoy one celebration at a time. :)

The next day of course was Sarra's 14th birthday and we had arranged to have Christmas with the Triffitts so she could enjoy her birthday with her cousins. She has been wanting a GHD straightener for a very long time so she was very pleased to open one up.

It was a beautiful day at the Rowlings house and we all sat outside for our lovely Christmas lunch.

Penny skyped from the USA and was able to chat to her siblings.

Ok so Sarra wanted an iPhone cake so this is what we came up with.

After lunch we opened presents from each other. The Rowlings had our family this year and I got a really beautiful homemade apron, with all the kids names on it, including Charlotte's that Tammy made. I ALWAYS wear an apron while I'm in the kitchen, doesn't make me cook any better but I just love wearing one. :)

Sarra got some water speakers, Jonty a potato head game and Flynn some slime for the bath and a soft toy.

Oli and Flynn got nerf guns and have been having a great time with them.

That night I went to work with Coz and it was very quiet compared to our house of 4 adults and 6.5 kids. 

The next day was still Christmas as we were off to celebrate Christmas with my Dad. Collette and Hayden were heading off to Hobart again until flying out on the 1st of Jan. It was really sad to see them go as Adelaide is far away and unless I fly over when the baby comes, they won't be back in Tassie until next Christmas which is a long way away.

At about 11am we headed off to my Dad's for our 3rd Christmas Day. It was another beautiful day at Yorktown and my Dad has a beautiful property, so nice that he has turned part of it into a campsite and people can stay for only $10 a night tents or caravans. He has set up a fire pit for campers and with the dam and creek, it definitely has everything a camper would want. 

Dad also built a replica tall ship that sit on the dam. He is quite the handy man my Dad and I was very impressed with it.

The kids love swimming in the creek, and even though it was a lovely warm day, the water was still really cold.

Dad made Lisa and I a wishing well for Christmas. He also sells then on Gumtree along with water wheels and they look pretty awesome in the garden.

And that ends our epic three days of Christmas.