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missionaryMum.6 (Oct)

As Mum entered here second month of Autumn, it was still quite warm with Mum reporting days of around 19 degrees still. The locals had told her that this time last year it was already snowing so it was nice for Mum to take advantage of the unexpected warmth. 

You can tell by this beautiful photo of Gary and Lindy Prebble, how lovely the weather was still.

It was so cool for Mum to catch up with Gary and Lindy who were holidaying over there and Mum got to go out for tea with them and Sister Barwick who is serving with Mum from Hobart. 

October was of course general conference time and Mum was able to secure some awesome seats for all the sessions.

A little bit blurry! Obviously excited to be so close to some celebrities!! ;)

There was also still lots of time for some yummy food. This is the restaurant on the roof of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

And the view from the rooftop restaurant.

Mum took pics of everyone pouring out of the conference centre after general conference. It is so busy they have to close streets off.

Cool police bikes.

On Monday nights Mum gets together with the other missionaries for Family Home Evening (FHE). This is at Sister Williams and Sister Hills apartment.

Hi Everyone, 
Monday was party day again at work for sister Coleman's birthday? Elder Lee, who sits next to me, gave me he and his wife's tickets to Saturday morning conference session. FHE was in my apt. For Sister Hills birthday. We had pie and ice cream and I made lemonade scones as a trial for Australia Night. Went okay.
Familysearch has changed again this week so lots of calls and mail to be answered. Elder Maylett finished on Tuesday, we will miss him. He and his wife are going to teach indexing in the Utah State Prison. Tuesday night was our monthly dinner out and we went to the Coach House. I had shrimp salad and strawberry crepes. Yummy, and I bought enough home for another meal. Wednesday half day went to the temple and helped Sister Snowden move into her apt.
Thursday Gary and Lindy Prebble came in to 3rd floor and I gave them a tour, then we went with Sister Barwick to the COB for lunch, went via the garage to show them that also. It was lovely to see them.
Friday night temple again, baptisms, confirmations and straight up to initiatories, 3 hours it took.
People everywhere last week leading up to conference, lots of sprucing up around the place too.
Conference has been amazing with each talk you think is the best and then a better one comes along. They did several talks in native language with captions on the screen. A first but it will continue now. Saturday afternoon, after buffet lunch on the Roof, 10 th floor JSMB we went to the standby line. 
But we had no hope so we watched it in the Tabernacle. This afternoon I noticed heaps of people came from the stand by line, luck I guess. 
This mornings session included music and the spoken word so had to be there 8.15....for a decent seat. Someone gave Cathy a ticket for this afternoon so I got to go again!!!!lucky. 
Being in the conference centre is amazing, the atmosphere, and everyone is so quiet. The talks were perfect and so applicable.
The mornings have been much cooler this week and the days down to 20 ish, we did have a little bit of rain, the rest of October is supposed to be quite nice. Today is beautiful and warm.
I have the door open and the fan on.
Well I think that's it. Tania comes on the 19th and Cathy only has three and a bit weeks to go.
The time flies by so quickly. Nora has grown so quickly too, if you blink you miss everything.

Mum went to visit the Brigham City temple, about 2 hours drive from SLC and only two years old.

This is the tabernacle opposite the Brigham City temple.

And had to stop for lunch at a place called Maddox. Love the hills in the background.

Mum also got to visit the Ogden temple which had been recently opened in October.

Sister Reeve, Gibson, Hill and Snowden.

The end of October was also Halloween and I couldn't wait for some photos from Mum of al the decorations around the place.

A place called Gardner Village was decked out for Halloween.

Looks like pumpkins everywhere!

Another great place to eat is Joe Motley's. They go once a month for an eatfest of ribs, steaks etc.

I just love the photos Mum sends of all the beautiful flowers and gardens.

Mum helped organise an Australia night with the rest of the Aussies and this is her re-enactment of Wombat Stew. No other pics as she forgot her camera that night.

The trees started to change during October in Mum's backyard.

October was also a little sad as it was time to farewell one of Mum's best friend's, Sister Cathy Reeve. They only live a few streets apart at home. It only seemed like a short time ago that we were farewelling Sister Reeve off to Utah and it was time for her to come home again after one year away.

This was a farewell dinner at the Mandarin restaurant in Bountiful.

Sister Reeve, Tania ( one of her beautiful daughter's who travelled over to pick her up), Sister Hill, Mum, Frost, Snowden, Ray and Williams.

A third beautiful temple Mum had the pleasure of visiting in October was the Provo temple. The weather still looked glorious.

Sister Frost, Sister Hill and her twin brother Russell.

Mum also said this was an amazing place to eat for lunch. :) I hope to try all these yummy places one day.

The weather finally started to get cooler toward the end of October. This day was only 14 degrees.

And a beautiful quote.

Mum also had the chance of catching up with Sister Hadfield who had served in Launceston from Utah before Mum left for her mission. Time has passed so fast and Sister Hadfield was now home.

While Tania was visiting, Mum took her on a tour of the conference centre.

This was their guide, only Joseph F Smith's great granddaughter-in law.

October was certainly jam packed full of temples, general conference, food, Halloween, greeting visitors and saying farewell for a while to a good friend.

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