Friday, December 19, 2014

WPS Presentation Evening

The week before school ended was a pretty busy one with end of school events. I always love the end of school presentation night's. Celebrating the year that was, celebrating the last hurrah of the academic year.

Once again Sarra's was on the same night as the primary school so this year we all opted to go to the primary school one. Hopefully it isn't always on the same night, but remembering how long the St Patrick's one goes for, maybe a few more years of clashes will be good.

Sarra had a great year once again. We were so proud of her, getting an academic award for Maths (second year in a row) and Music and an Endeavour award for Religion.

At the primary school presentation evening, we were very excited to see Oliver get the grade 3 academic award with his best friend Noah. Their teacher Mrs E could not separate the calibre of their work so it was lovely for them to both receive the award and a voucher for Birchalls.

And it was also a lovely surprise to see Hallie voted into the SRC for grade 6 for next year. She is very much looking forward to all of that.

SRC for next year - Jordan, Emily, Hallie and Sam.

On the night Hallie also performed with one other student on the trumpet doing a duet, and then they did a few more musical items with the rest of the senior band. I love the slow building confidence that performing in front of audiences can bring out in the kids and seeing them learn that practice can bring about a beautiful sound… most of the time! 

Toward the end of the evening, the P and F did their annual hamper raffle and the Triffitts built on last year's win (we won the stationary hamper) and this year won the chocolate hamper. We went home very happy indeed. 

And even though the night was celebrating many lasts, during the week, we also celebrated a first….

the loss of Jonty's first tooth…. (still bleeding a little). 

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