Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Noah's syringes"

Dear Noah,

Today is supposed to be the end of NOAHvember but I don't want it to end. Maybe we could do December too and call it, "King of Kings". I watch my Mummy watch your videos each day and I see her laugh and cry at the same time, especially the ones where your Daddy tickles you and I can hear your laughter throughout our house. Mummy loves hearing your Mummy laugh on the videos too especially as she knows how sad your Mummy is now, well she doesn't really 'know', noone can truly know the pain of losing you, like your Mummy and Daddy, but my Mummy loves your Mummy so she feels sad when she sees the pain in your Mummy's eyes. Mummy loves all the different photos of you each day too but she especially likes the ones when you have your cool sunnies on.

Wow I said Mummy alot in that last paragraph but we both love our Mummys' very much so why not say it alot!! ;)

My Mummy did an ok job during NOAHvember, remembering most days to do an act of kindness or act of service for family or strangers. She did freak me out two Saturdays ago though when just me and her were coming back from Hobart late at night, about 9pm. As she was driving along, Mummy spotted a male hitchhiker and thought she might stop for NOAHvember. But then Mummy decided she was a little scared to be picking up a strange male in the middle of the highway with noone else about and in the dark, so she kept driving. I know she felt a little guilty for not stopping but I think she was very wise to keep driving.

Anyway today being the last day of NOAHvember (but really if I put on a cute smile maybe your Daddy will keep going), I wanted to say thankyou for your beautiful gift to me. It makes me sad that you won't be using these syringes anymore - I would gladly give them back and a million more to have you here and hang out with you but I understand that you were tired and as your Mummy said, she knew you  "were ready a month before you even got sick that you were getting ready to go, but was hoping she was wrong."

At first Mummy wanted to put your syringes in the cupboard and not use them because they were "Noah's syringes" and they reminded her of you not being here and also how your Mummy and Daddy miss you oh so very much. But then she read your Mummy's post on your equipment and supplies,  and in particular your Mummy's words,  "while driving there I felt sad knowing that Noah wasn't able to use these things anymore, but then as I was driving I started to think about how good it also is that he doesn't have to use it anymore.  He is no longer in his body full of restrictions and I'm sure he is loving that after ten years.   I also thought about how happy Noah would be that we were able to share his things with his friends." Straightaway Mummy got all "Noah's syringes" out of the cupboard and we had a great time playing with them and Mummy said how happy you would be knowing that you got to share these with me. 

You would know probably better than anyone,  that it doesn't take long for syringes to stick and the measurement writing to come off and Mummy used to only have a small stash (she hated paying for them) so would use them over and over again until they really stuck hard and instead of sliding smoothly into my mouth the medicine would shoot out really jerkily in one go and I hated it, although mean Mummy would laugh but then I would spit it out so whose laughing now huh. 

Although I have to have medicine every eight hours and so I go through alot of syringes, this stash you gave me I reckon will last until I am old enough to chew and swallow meds like my big sister Hallie. I can't thank you enough for "Noah's syringes" and one day, I will thank you in person with the biggest hug, not just for the syringes, but the more beautiful gift of as your Mummy describes - this "incredible angel here on earth." Thankyou too for being our angel on earth for my Mummy last year. My sister and I were watching from heaven and we will forever be grateful to you.

I was at your house on Monday night and even though my siblings playing with your siblings made it a little noisy (our Mummys would say alot noisy), I could still feel that peace that enveloped your house just after you passed away. It was nice to feel that at your house.

I better go because Mummy says I am hogging the computer.
Love you heaps.
Love Flynny.

PS  - when you next go for a big run (or sidestep) can you whisper to me what it feels like. I can't wait!!! xx

Monday, November 28, 2011

A boy and a girl

A boy named Hayden met a girl called Collette.

They played tennis together and then some more tennis and even some more tennis and along the way realised that as well as being a really good tennis match, they were in fact a match made in heaven. Awwh!!! Ok, they didn't really play tennis all the time but for the record, over the past three years, Hayden has only beat Collette once.

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Hobart for Collette and Hayden's engagement party. Yup my little sister is getting married. December 17th to be exact at 12.30 in the Melbourne temple. It was pouring with rain outside but that didn't stop the revellers from having a great time.

Everybody had something to eat for afternoon tea from the beautiful food provided. (is this where I mention my 224 pieces of delectable caramel slice)

The decorations were amazing. Originally it was going to be a garden party outside but the rain wasn't going to let up so it was held in the hall of the Rosny chapel. Here are a few tidbits.

Some pom pom clouds hanging from the ceiling (some of which are now strewn around my house)

All done by the very talented Esther TT.

There was a photo booth set up where you could have some photos taken.

All weekend, Jonty has been calling the day, "Hayden's party'. Sorry Collette. ;)

Or you could just have random ones taken around the room. Thanks Camilla.

After everyone had some eats, we watched a slideshow of the lovely couple. There was some photos of them both as babies and growing up through the years, ones of Hayden on his mission in Japan, those speedoes ;), then ones of them together, going to concerts (Coldplay and Kings of Leon), playing tennis, watching the tennis Australian Open in Melbourne, hanging out having a great time together. The slideshow finished off with them practicing a dance together - you have to see it - it was hilarious!! Don't know why they wouldn 't repeat it live for us!!

And then the speeches got underway from Mum. Mum mentioned that Collette's dog Millie (who has lived with Mum for 2 years now) had a message for Hayden, that she would like to come down and live with them after they are married. We all had a chuckle. She also said that Collette has had Santa for the past 28 yrs so that might not want to stop.

Hayden's Dad, Robbie. Robbie talked about Hayden and his car and about getting pulled over by the cops a bit. He also talked about Hayden being able to accomplish both going on his mission and finishing his medical degree. Hayden I think was able to start his degree and then defer for two years while he went on his mission and then continue when he got back. I don't think they had let people do that before.

And then Hayden. Hayden said he couldn't remember these car and police stories. He also had a message from Millie too - that she enjoyed living with Mum in Bridport.

Hayden and Collette then cut the cake, a yummy caramel mudcake made by Carmen, Hayden's sister-in-law. It was so yummy. There's some perks to being family, as I got to bring some home. ;)

It was lovely to see Collette and Hayden celebrate this day with friends...

Hayden's Uncle, Steve King (standing next to Jess) did a great job as MC too.

Somehow some of these beautiful triangle material decorations that Esther did have made it home to our house too. Sarra wants to hang them in her bedroom. 

and family. :)

This is Hayden's Mum, Jenny working tirelessly in the kitchen. What a Mum!! I love what Jenny said to me in the kitchen about how lucky she was to have two wonderful daughter-in-laws. I don't think luck has anything to do with it. An amazing Mum brought up two amazing boys who attracted two amazing girls, who also I presume have amazing Mums, one I know personally of course. :)

What I have noticed about these two is the way they love to have a laugh. A sense of humour is so important in a marriage. Their sense of humour is perfectly suited and Hayden will need one as Collette continues to beat him at tennis. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Graduating from a boy to a man

This was not a staged shot. Simon opened the toilet door and this is what he found.........

Hmmm now what can Santa bring me for Christmas.

Toy sale catalogues become the choice of bedtime story in our house too. The kids leave them around with items circled as a hint.

Merry Christmas Jonty.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Check out...

...our new swimming pool.

drinking the pool water...

It's a beauty eh?

Friday, November 18, 2011

A little bit proud

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a ceremony at the police headquarters in Launceston. Last year marked ten years that Simon has been serving in the police force and he was recognised yesterday with a medal. In order to get a medal you have to have served with an unblemished record.

There were quite a few police officers present in their official police uniforms which is the wearing of the blazer and any other medals.


Simon's other medals include a bravery medal, awarded to him by the International Humane Society in 2005 and presented to him by the  Governor of Tasmania at Government House. It was for pulling two young men from a burning vehicle at Beaumaris, near St Helens between Christmas and New Year's in 2003. The car exploded shortly thereafter and Simon was treated for smoke inhalation.

Contrary to popular belief, a police officer is not bound by their duty to undertake such acts if their own lives are put at risk. They have the choice not to act but as we know police officers continually put their lives at risk, for complete strangers, knowing that there is a possibility they may not see their own family again. I know that thought went through Simon's mind but he did not even hesitate to assist.  They say 'its just part of the job' but to me, they are real heroes.

Sadly the young men did not survive but we have kept in contact with one of the families over the years and they were present in Hobart when Simon received his bravery medal. I have so much admiration and tenderness for them, for their quiet strength and the way they have reached out through their pain to remember their son. They told their story awhile back on the show about organ donation (I can't remember the name of it) and how their son was able to help bless the lives of others by being a donor.

But I digress. 

The Tasmanian Police Commissioner, Darren Hine, gave out the medals.



There was so much blue in the room, it made me nervous. ;) People have often asked me if I am nervous when I get pulled over. Even though we live in a police house and I am around the uniform all the time and I often get knocks on the door at 7.30 in the morning asking for keys or a radio, (and I am still in my pjs) I still get nervous when I am pulled over, doing a mental check of seatbelts, rego and licence. I'm not nervous around police officers I know because we are friends and I know their family and the kids play together, but ones I don't, I feel a little like a school kid again. :)

Yesterday, with all those uniforms, an irrational thought went through my mind. I was thinking, 'oh no, they know. 'They know that when I was 12 years old, I stole a coconut ice from the shop on Elphin Road'. Now they are going to arrest me for it!!' Lol. My one big crime and the guilt has haunted me ever since.


The MC made a lovely speech about how important it was to see the families of the police officers there,  supporting their spouse, supporting their son or daughter, supporting their father or mother. Even though I didn't know anyone, it was lovely to have Jonty and Flynn there supporting their Daddy. The MC also commented on how the families should be recognised for their support, which I thought was really nice. It was nice to get a little pat on the back and I saw all the other family members smiling and I knew what they were smiling about - putting up with the toll of shiftwork in a very stressful job. And not 'putting up with' in a negative way either because we all just accept that it is something that comes with the job.



Jonty and Flynn haven't been around to see much of the 11.5 years that Simon has put into the job but I know that as they grow older they will be so proud of the selfless work that Simon has done, all the sleepless nights doing shift work, the abuse from a few of the more rowdy clientele, the all too many road accidents, a few bumps and bruises (again the rowdy clientele) and his role in search and rescue - the one time when people are happy to see the police. ;)

As the wife of a police officer, all I can add to that is that I am the proudest of all. Not anyone could be a police officer and not just anyone can be a good police officer but time and time again I hear from people about how he keeps a cool calm head in extremely stressful situations and has the right balance of being firm and fair. Even some of the rowdy clientele agree. :)


At the end of the ceremony there was a pretty good afternoon tea that Jonty seemed to really enjoy.


What I love about Simon is that he will come home from work and sometimes I don't ask him about it because (a) ignorance is bliss and it's how I tell myself I can worry less because I can't worry if I don't know what he has had to do (but this this doesn't always work! - the wife of a police officer always worries) (b) he wouldn't tell me because he wouldn't want me to worry (c) many things are confidential and even if I asked him he wouldn't break that trust. But what I love is that Simon will come home from goodness knows what scenes he has seen and go jump on the trampoline with the kids and play wrestles. That's not just a good police officer,  that is a great Dad.

And finally just as a side note, above the bar area in the room was this sign.


Good to know they take their own advice!! :)