Thursday, November 10, 2011

Noah's school day

On the 26th of October, Lisa and Aaron invited us to Noah's school memorial service. As we arrived at Punchbowl Primary School, I realised I had forgotten my camera. Not that I take the best photos (if you see a good one it's either because Simon took it or it was a fluke.), but I was cross with myself for now having to rely on the trusty iphone.

I looked at the photos later and thought, they look terrible, I can't post about this day, but then Lisa reminded me in a post that her blog is her family journal and I realised that I couldn't not post about this significant day because I want Flynn and Jonty to read back through OUR digital journal to this day, a day they won't remember but will see that they were there to share this special day of Noah's.

This day was so tender and beautiful. Why? Because it was run by Noah's school mates and kids wear their emotions on their sleeves and you could feel the love and see the love that they had for Noah - it was tangible and it touched my heart to see the way they paid tribute to him.

It also dawned on me that Noah's schoolmates probably knew him alot better than most as they were with him everyday (when he wasn't sick or at Newstead Heights) for his whole school life.

After recess, the children all filed into the hall in their class groups. The principal started the service and then handed it over to a group of children. They showed us a book, in which each class had dedicated a page to Noah. It was absolutely beautiful.

Lisa then got up and spoke during the service. This is where you can read her talk. And then we were shown a a portion of the slideshow that Jalen had put together for Noah's funeral. You can see the slideshow in its entirety here

The service then moved outside to Noah's garden. As we moved out Noah's class and his teacher Miss Wells were fighting back tears and all having lots of hugs. Oh it made me cry to see their outpouring of love. It was touching too to see Jay's mates put their arms around him too.

 The class groups sat down on the tarmac for the unveiling of Noah's garden. They had organised balloons with messages on them as well as some balloons for the Kings to hold.

Everyone was silent as they were launched into the sky. It was beautiful to watch them float up with the messages of love and remembrance of Noah.

The garden was so pretty and colourful. I love love love the yellow seat.

It matches Lorraine's cardigan. :)

After the class groups returned to class, we got a few pics of Lisa and Aaron and the boys sitting in Noah's garden.

While others had a turn on Noah's seat, these two got up to some cheekiness.

 Lisa's brother Jared with his wife Becky

Noah's teacher Miss Wells and Di (Noah's carer)

Nick and Lorraine (Grandma and Grandpa)

Kobe had fun getting into the stones right away. No doubt the groundsmen will have to put them back every time Kobe has been for a visit. ;)

Some of Noah's classmates also had a turn. 

How fitting that Noah's garden will be used everyday by the children who knew and loved him. Thankyou Lisa and Aaron for the privilege. I will never forget the day that Noah's classmates dedicated their love and memories to one amazing Noah Aaron King.


the woodwards said...

Miss Wells is another PBC lover.. I sent her some to cheer her up!!!

The Kings said...

It was so nice to have you, Simon and the boys there with us Simone. It was such a beautiful day and lovely memorial service.