Saturday, November 12, 2011

*7 months*

Another month has gone by already. I'm now on the downward trip toward one. Im getting SO old. ;) I haven't grown much. Still in 00 and just under 8 kilos. I'm just biding my time until I decide to do a huge growth spurt.

This past month I have been a little bit sick and spent a night in hospital. After that I was grumpy and sad for about 12 days - noone likes being sick. Mummy missed my smiles and her sleep but she hasn't slept much for 7 months anyway so I didn't know what she was going on about. :) 

Soon enough though I was back to my old cheeky self, grinning and laughing at anyone who catches my eye.

I have been sleeping better the last few nights and only called out to Mum once or twice for a feed or cuddle. I wake up about 6.15 am and am happy to hang out in the loungeroom watching TV until my feed at 7am. I'm supposed to have two day sleeps but lately I've just been napping during the day because Mum is either out and really busy - (probably getting all my Christmas presents) or I just don't want to miss out on anything.

I still love sitting in my bumbo but I'm not really interested in food much. Mum tries at every meal but I'm happy with milkshakes so why bother changing when you are on a good wicket. Plus there is no hint of any teeth coming so solids seems like too much hard work anyway. I don't mind sucking on an arrowroot biscuit though.

Since last month though, I have learned a new trick. I can now sit up all by myself. At first I was tumbling over but if you put my legs out wide, I can sit quite nicely for awhile.

 Ooh and one other thing that I still love doing is bouncing in my jolly jumper. I don't think I will ever tire of doing this.

See you at 8 months.


The Kings said...

such a cutie! Hard to believe it's 7 months already.

Penny B. said...

Sooo Cute! I wish I could give him a nice big cuddle.

melandpeter said...

I so can't wait to steal a cuddle when we're over at Christmas time. He's absolutely delicious! x

Blanche said...

No way! really? He's so squishable :)

leetai said...

He's sooooooooooooo cute!! I love how he does his own blog entries ;)