Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Running is a family affair

A few weeks ago, Westbury PS held their annual running carnival. It was a beautiful warm day and everyone was pleased that the sun was out. You never know quite what kind of weather you are going to get in October.

The kids had great fun participating in the traditional running events.

And now they are getting a bit older, can even help out with some of the events.

One of the advantages of a small school, is it only takes one day for all the races and there is time left over for novelty races.

Hallie and her good friend Will going in the holding hands race. They blitzed the field with Will's motorised wheelchair.

Even the parents got involved in the novelty events. Simon and Mr Brown were very competitive.

They even held a few little races for the little ones not at school yet. It was so cute to watch them all.

I even made an appearance in the egg and spoon race. I was doing well until I got the giggles eyeing Kerry off edging past me. We were so well-behaved running with one hand behind our backs. The kids loved watching their parents make fools of themselves and we had just as much fun laughing at ourselves.

Our next Olympic long jumper for sure. Once Jonty knew he could go in a race, he thought he could go in all of them and kept running onto the track.

Oliver with his good friend Noah.

I think Tigger held up well in the teddy bear race. 

I like our running carnivals because the kids can still be competitive but at the same time have heaps of fun which is what it's all about really. (unless you want to be the next Olympic long jumper) 


Anonymous said...

I love your school Simone.
I am so glad that the community rallied around last year to save it.
Love Lorraine.

The Kings said...

It is so cool that parents and siblings who aren't at school yet get to participate! So fun!