Wednesday, September 9, 2015

missionaryMum.14 (June 2015)

Hello summer!!
Well not for us but Mum is having a gloriously warm time over there.
I love this cute pic Mum sent of a Tassie Devil. It's her screen saver on her computer. But we know better and they may look cute but boy are they not… and the noise!! But we won't tell the tourists that. 

Hi Everyone, it is hot now day and night, I am trying not to turn the AC on but I may 
have to soon. FHE this week was at Sister Williams. We heard a story about a man named 
Todd Knowles who works in the FHL and events that's happened to him as he did Jewish 
research in England. Quite amazing but too long to tell here. 
Tuesday I had a French case and after I translated it I didn't understand a word! It 
was two,pages long and very involved. Dinner on Tuesday was our zone monthly meal at 
the mandarin! a Chinese restaurant owned and run by a Greek. Amazing meal. 
Two sessions at the Temple again Wednesday. Sister Williams has gone off to the 
Galapagus Islands for 10 days with two,of her granddaughters, she certainly gets 
around. Sister Petersen had  a family reunion so she was away this week. All on all 
quite a busy week and I was so tired by Friday night I went to bed at seven.

I have decided that Mum's mission likes to celebrate any occasion with ALOT of food and this one was a pot luck at the Denley's apartment to celebrate, what else but the end of May.

Peeps at the pot luck to celebrate the end of May.
From L to R - Sister Serrao, Bronson, Elder Serrao, Sister Denley, Graybow, Elder Denley and Sister Snowden.

It was sad to hear on the 30th of May, that Elder L. Tom Perry had passed away but it was an enormous privilege for Mum to attend his funeral.

Mum sent us a wonderful idea about a family who had made this book from their study of the Book of Mormon in Family Home Evening. SHe said the younger ones drew pictures off the stories and the older ones wrote about it. How awesome is that!! Maybe it was a hint. :)

And back to food - the weather has been beautiful for the first month of summer so it has been lovely to eat out. This is the Mandarin Chinese restaurant in Bountiful where the zone ladies go monthly and Mum says they have the best egg rolls anyone has ever tasted.

Toward the middle of the month, Mum got to see a British pageant workshop that is normally played in Nauvoo. She said it was amazing.

Each friday night now with the warmer weather, there is a concert in Brigham Park. This was setting up for the army military band which has been playing for 240 years (just not the same members since then) ;)

And walking to the concert through the beautiful park.

On the 21st of June, Mum's branch (although it is made up of over 200 missionaries) held their family picnic but it was too hot outside they set up inside. Can't imagine that with our recent snowy weather.

It didn't stop some of the missionaries setting up a s'mores pit outside though.

Check out the size of the marshmallows for the s'mores. They certainly know how to do it right!!

Mum also said goodbye to her mission presidency this month. This is their outgoing farewell with Elder Anderson. The new mission President is Elder Tate and his wife. I think Mum has a photo of them in July's post.

Hi Everyone, it is hot!!! 39 degrees and 5 pm, no wind. 
Monday morning devotional we had four seventy and two GA. Elder Hamula is now in charge 
of the Church History Division.  Elder Andersen farewelled the old presidency and 
welcomed the new. Elder Tate and his wife. Elder Cooke also spoke said our first 
priority is an appreciation and understanding of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Elijah is a 
manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Baptism for the dead first in August 1840. 
He spoke on the four aims of the church, missionary work, family and gospel living, 
temple and family history, and the poor and needy. 
He said having grandchildren ask a blessing on their grandparents each night will 
instill in them an awareness of missionary work.????? 

Mum visited the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum in Ogden. It has six floors.

House Brigham Young built and clothing.

Original handcarts.

Emma Smith's spinning wheel.

An original camera.

Centennial dresses. Look mighty uncomfortable.

The original curtain from the first theatre in Utah.

Salt Lake temple.

The wagon Brigham Young came across the plains in.

These canes were made out of the coffins Joseph and Hyrum were transported in.

A restored original fire truck.

Manti temple.

The original eagle gate eagle.

Cool old prams

An army wagon.

Wednesday we went to the Daughters of the Pioneers Museum up,near the Capitol. Six 
floors of the most amazing stuff. They have a cabinet for each prophet and things from 
way back before the church started. The Mormons sure knew how to keep their heritage. 
Thursday we finished work at 3 and headed out for Manti. The pageant started at 9.30 
and finished about 11. It is a 3 hour drive. It was well done, called the Mormon 
miracle. The house we hired was clean and comfy, cost us $43 each for the night. 
We didn't get to sleep till about 1 am. Then up and went to the park for breakfast and 
to the 10.30 Temple session. Manti has two spiral staircases, absolutely amazing, I 
think it was 76 feet up. Sister Williams turned 87 on Thursday. The Manti temple is 
live and I think one of the nicest I have seen. It does not have Moroni on top. We ate 
lunch Friday at the temple and then travelled back. It was a great trip. 

At the end of the month, Mum went to the Manti Mormon Miracle pageant just next to the Manti temple in Manti. It draws 15,000 people each night and entry is free.

Look at all the seating. 

The Manti temple.

Sister Williams, Snowden, Seiter and Elder Seiter outside the temple.

As the sun sets, the pageant begins.

Getting ready for the pageant.

L to R - Sister Williams, Mum, Sister and Elder Seiter, Sister Tippetts, Hellings, Scott and Cherneski went on the trek to the pageant.

Views from the Manti temple.

And this was the house they stayed in while in Manti for $43 each.

Monday Elder and Sister Wilson from Orderville, Utah joined our team. FHE Monday was at my apt. We celebrated Sister 
Grabow's birthday with a berry cheesecake! Very nice. 
Tuesday was a day never to forget. All the missionaries and the employees were given 
the opportunity to attend a presentation by T.C. Christensen, the producer of the 
Cokeville Miracle. And Work and the glory and Ephraims rescue just to mention a few. 
He had clips and told us the background to the story, he also had one of the survivors 
speak to us, 29 years later. 
In 1986 the Cokeville elementary school was held hostage by a man and his wife with a 
145 chn and 9 adults, all survived, the couple were killed. The woman was 11 at the 
time,she talked about the power of a mothers embrace. 
If you don't remember the pain you won't remember the miracles. 
If you don't have the trials you won't have the blessings. 
The best parents are those who teach their children to pray. 
Well Tuesday night we went to see the movie. It is about prayer and the angels who 
came,the children's ancestors, all different,different ages, forms and dress. 
One year before the school was new and was dedicated. It was very powerful. It is now 
considered Holy ground where miracles occurred. 
Theodore Roosevelt said:  Do what you can, with what you have, where you are! 

Today I did the RS lesson on fasting, some amazing stories.