Monday, October 15, 2007

Blood day photostory

About a year ago Mum did a photostory of Hallie's blood days that she also made into a hard cover book that Hallie can carry around with her.

Thanks Nanny

Here it is.


The Kings said...

Oh - that was so sad! Made me a bit teary!! Little Hallie is very brave. That was a nice idea to do for Hallie.

The Parsons Family said...

ohhhhhh! Simone, is everything ok now with her blood???

Anonymous said...

How brave is little Hallie!!!!! She was sooooo good in her picture show....Mwah Mwah kisses to Hallie from Clarkie XXXXXXXXX

The Parsons Family said...

ok, so I wrote that last comment before seeing the comment before!!! Thanks Simone!!! What a tough little cookie!