Saturday, October 31, 2009

Running like the wind

On Tuesday, Westbury PS held their annual running carnival. It was a really warm day and everyone was out with their hats and sunscreen. Yay surely summer is just around the corner.

The girls did really well. Sarra got 5 firsts and 1 second and Hallie got 2 firsts and 1 third.

They remind me of me when I was young. Short legs (I still have) but once they started pumping, I ran like the wind and would win all my races, even in Little Athletics and against other schools. I don't know what happened but for a glimpse of time, I was a really fast sprinter. I would probably pull a hammy now if I tried to sprint.

Hallie was not impressed with this race. She forgot her teddy so was loaned this pink frilly thing which I know she would have thought was too girly. I don't think she owns anything pink.

Simon and Hallie going in the parent-child 3-legged race.

Sarra and Naomi winning their 3-legged race.

The legendary sack race. I missed Sarra's 100m, 200m and 800m because Jonty was at swimming but she did well to win all of them.

Obviously I look very interested in the races here. I was probably texting you Lisa!

Hallie won the bat and ball race by about 20m. She just has this uncanny knack for speed and agility mixed with balance and coordination. (this is the child who taught herself to ride a bike without training wheels in half and hour).

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dad's helper

On Wednesday I went to Kay's house in Burnie and had a scrumptious lunch with Jackie and Mel. We meet up once a month to catch up.

I nearly forgot to take some photos and as I remembered towards the end of the day, Mel said there was no way I was taking any photos as she was one day off her due date. Today she is one day over and no sign of the baby yet!

So instead, I have these random pics of Jonty out in the garden on Tuesday this week, helping Simon while the sun finally shows its face.