Sunday, November 9, 2008

it came, it went... and nothing

Well Friday was the big due date and of course it came and went without any hint of a tweak or twinge. I decided to fill my day up and keep busy in the tradition of Lisa and Stephannie who always go over too.

At 9.30 we had a RS meeting and then Mel and I headed off to Lorraine's to have lunch. Oh yum lunch was divine. We had salmon pie, salad and fried rice and then pavlova for dessert.

Jackie came too and we spent the afternoon going through old photos which is absolutely one of my favourite past-times. I love looking at people's albums and seeing how they have changed over the years and it was funny to see all these little kids at birthday parties together and who now are grown up and having kids of their own. The cuties included Lisa, Jared, Nicki, Chrish and Eden, Carli and Toni and Levi and Jarom (loved the bowl cut), Sarah Eccles and Kristy Young. We did have a good laugh at some of the photos.

These guys had great fun finding Lorraine's toys and playing on the stairs.

When I got home from Lorraine's we went into Launy to have tea with Oma and Pop who were looking after the Rowlings while Jason and Tammy took a break in Melbourne for a couple of days. Yes that is underpants on their heads. And yes Tammy, Henry was playing the computer after tea after Aneika told us that he was not allowed too. What a dobber I am!

We had pizza for tea and at the end of the night I realised that I had got through the whole day without dwelling too much on D-Day. As it is I am still stuck in this hammock, unable to find any leverage to haul myself up and out of it. Can someone please HELP!!


Paige said...

I want to know how you ate so much for lunch. My experience is that there is no more room for food @ this point! :)

The Kings said...

Simone - you look HUGE!!!! :) I think it looks so good. I'm hoping you wont be at the gym tomorrow as you will be in hospital, but my bet is you will be there pumping away as usual. Sounds like you had fun with Mum.

Country/City Boy said...

Lisa your not supposed to say she looks huge. tut tut. You look great Simone :)

Penny Bingham said...

I was thinking about you on Friday, and praying that the baby comes soon! I love the shot of you trying to get out of the hammock. I'm sure you're going to feel a whole lot lighter in a few days!

Anonymous said...

I have been away in Hobart and want to know if you have that big baby boy yet?????? they are all saying you look huge but it is all baby and he will be gorgeous dont stress
love ya nettie XXXXXXXXXX

Collette said...

HURRY think it's bad for you waiting waiting waiting...what about me hey? haha jk;)

Konnie Penney said...

Good on you for keeping busy. Hope the wait doesn't drag on too long. All the best!!