Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Hallie and A Harri

I'm under a lot of pressure from the blogger queen to get this post right. I have BIG shoes to fill here. :) Yesterday Harri came out for a play. Hallie had been at me for ages for him to come over so yesterday after the gym, Harri came home with us. He said goodbye to Lisa at the gym creche and was out the door with Hallie and Oliver and in his seat-belt in our car before Lisa and I had even got out of the gym. No missing Mum there!

We had to go to k-mart first so I could get some essentials for the hospital. Thought I really should start packing with only 2 days left. While we were there, of course we had the obligatory browse in the toy aisle and Harri saw this Ben10 toy for about 50 bucks and begged and begged me for it. I couldn't stop laughing as he seriously thought he could talk me into getting it for him. I said ask Mum and Dad.

When we got home, the kids decided to play dress-ups. Out came the 2 spiderman and 1 superman costumes. For the rest of the afternoon, they just swapped these 3 costumes between them as they played outside.

I asked Harri what he wanted for lunch and he said, 'a jam sandwich'. How easy was that! Hallie had promite and Oliver, just butter. Easiest lunch I have ever made. After lunch Simon decided to get the remote control car going.

The kids thought this was great and sat outside on an old piece of confiscated farm machinery to watch. Everything was going well, until Harri saw a big white tiger, ooh I mean our little cat Lexie.

I tried to get a good photo of him freaking out but I couldn't and decided it was better that I comfort him, rather than saying, make that face again Harri. Here he is trying to escape the cat.

We also made some biscuits so that Harri would go home and tell his Mum I was a good cook.

The day went by so fast and before we knew it, it was tea-time. Lisa had told me that Harri loves salad and sure enough he ate all his lettuce and tomato first. He also loved the rice and had 3 helpings of it. Hallie and Harri then had a bath with lots of bubbles and got in their pjs.

On the way into Launy I asked Harri if he had had a good time and he said yes, except he thought the cat was going to get him all day. I tried not to laugh as I remembered at one stage of the day he asked me if I could carry him inside because the cat was looking at him.


The Kings said...

Oh what a crack up!!! He had heaps of fun and didn't miss us at all. He just asked me if he could 'go there tomorrow 'cause I wiked going there'. Harri and any type of animal isn't a good mix at the moment.

Penny Bingham said...

Looks like they had a great time. Sam and Ella sure would have loved joining in the fun. Sam's like Harri though and scared of animals. Wish you lived a little closer!

Watson said...

Harri is a crackup with animals! Your trampoline is awesome, it's so big. The photos with the new camera are looking great.

Collette said...

Harri is a good judge of character that cat is phsyco...Love the three costumes!! YEAH RIGHT about the lunch simone it probably went more like "Harri what would you like on your sandwich jam or promite" of course he chose jam:)

Jessica said...

great photos!! are they taken with the new camera? try getting a little closer to your subject like in the cookie picture -- its good to get some focus and not focused just to play with composition and the cookies look super yummy!! your photos will be so pro!

Country/City Boy said...

Looks like a fun day, loved Harri's face with the cat.

Are you ready to go yet?

Carli said...

Your superheroes! Harri is like Jay when it comes to animals!