Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A perfect Autumn lunch.

On Saturday we spent a beautiful Autumn day at Ulverstone with Simon's family. We were there to say goodbye to his youngest brother Jason who is moving to Scotland where his girlfriend Keisa is studying at university.

Nathan chill-axing
Katie and Piper
Jason and Keisa had been living and working on King Island and although Keisa expressed a desire to attend uni in Australia, it is free in Scotland so that's where she went. Jason brought us down some amazing cheeses for us all to try and take home.

Allister, Josh, Paige and Jakob

Jason, Dion and Simon

Jason, Simon, Tammy and Dion (Penny absent)
After lunch Simon took the kids to the beach for a quick play. He takes such good photos. I wish I could take the credit for them but he is a natural!!

He then took us to his old primary school and the kids loved seeing where he parked his bike and where he played four square on the concrete. There is a big hill leading down to an oval too and the kids had a great time doing rolly pollys and Simon took some great shots of them jumping in the air on top of the hill.

like I was going to jump in the air..........

He also finally talked me into having some pregnant shots which until 39 weeks I had mostly got away without any photos at all.

Tammy also did a post of the day which you can see here. It would have been lovely to have Penny's family here especially with their newest addition Will but it was still a really nice day to have everyone as much as possible having lunch together and enjoying each other's company.


Cullis Family said...

Such a fun family day. Love the pregnancy photos.

The Kings said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new header!!!! LOVE the photos - very awesome!!! LOVE the pics all together in a collage too :)

Jess said...

hahaha, Jonty crashed out at the end is hilarious, such a big boy with his big boy pants on, im impressed!

Penny B. said...

Awesome photos Simone. Wish we could have been there. And you look great! Ready to have a baby any day now....

Bride said...

love your new header too!
These pictures are all so beautiful.
lookin' good Simone.
Soon you will be able to have a bath and cover your tummy... hee hee

Becky said...

Your blog header picture ROCKS!

Makayla said...

i LOOOOOVE the new header!!! The photos are all great!! Love the pregnancy ones - you look GREAT! Can't wait to meet your little man :)

Rebecca said...

Simon took some awesome pictures hey!!! You look great - all tummy - will be good to get him out I bet! Simon and his brothers remind me of Jared and his - could all be from different dads though they are similar!!!