Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Westbury PS cross country

Yesterday it didn' didn't...

but it didn't stop the Westbury PS cross country from being held in a very picturesque part of Westbury, down at the town common.

The support crew was out in force to cheer the troops on, despite the muddy and wet conditions.

but got bored after awhile...

until he decided to run with the grade 6 boys and the PE teacher gave him a ribbon. It was so funny because Jonty was running his little heart out chasing the grade 6 boys, along the track, actually thinking he was running the race too. He was so proud of himself.

Ollie's grade 1 class along with the kinder to grade 2s ran their own little fun run back at school just as it started bucketing down again.

You can't have a cross country without rain and mud. Otherwise it wouldn't be FUN!!!

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The Kings said...

haha! Love that Jonty got a ribbon! :)