Monday, May 7, 2012

* 1 year*

SO it was my birthday on the 12th of last month and nearly another whole month later, Mum has finally let me on the computer!!!

I had a great day. Nanny and her friend and my Mummy's friend Marilyn who was visiting from Brisbane came and the Wheelers to help celebrate my first birthday.

Mum got me a quilt from Etsy. I'm sure she would like to pretend she made it.

but she did make me something, a discovery bag, the pattern you can get from my good friend Toni  from Make it Perfect. Good job Mum.

This is a ball Mum won from the online King Auction, an auction held for our good friend Lisa. (she babysat me last week while Mummy had a massage that Lisa arranged for her and don't tell Mummy but I had THE best time) Did I mention the ball is organic cotton and all. :)

I think Hallie has the camera for these shots. 

Mum!!! I don't think the hat fits okay!!!!

Do I look that interested in crayons. I can't even say my name yet, but hey the colours look pretty. In just the last few days, I actually started saying Mumma. I don't have a very big repertoire, just 'dad da' and 'ra ra' for Sarra so Mummy or Mumma is pretty happy that I say her name now too.

It's no fun when my siblings take my pressies off me and even open the wrapping paper for me. I thought it was supposed to be MY birthday.

Mumma also made me this swimming pool cake which I loved getting into.

although I wasn't quite sure about the candle...

The best part of the day was that I got to enjoy the cake all by myself without any of my brothers and sisters around to help!! It was all for me. 

Just a postscript. I am standing up while holding onto things now and can move around the furniture holding on and holding onto Mumma's legs too, until she moves that is. Maybe by my next post then, I might be walking!!! Mumma says she wants to keep me a baby as long as possible without the sleepless nights of course but you can't have you cake and eat it too - not unless its a swimming pool cake!!! ;)


The Kings said...

Hard to believe he's 1 already! Looks like a great birthday. xxx

emjay1000 said...

Ha! Awesome. I just LOVE the pic of him in the middle of everyone where they are all busy with his stuff!! So cute and so typical of 5th child!!

make it perfect said...

aw, little flynn - so cute! happy birthday - impressed with all the crafty goodness :)

melandpeter said...

So squishy Flynn! Don't grow up too fast little man. It's so sad they have to get older I reckon. Great job on the cake Simone. I had that one when I was a little girl and remember taking it to school to share with my class :-)