Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Hallieday - 9 years old.

(this is Hallie half as old as she is now)
( photo courtesy of Chelsea Parsons Photographer)

 Today Hallie turned 9 years old.

She was SO excited for her birthday counting down the weeks, then days, then sleeps.

Hallie is easy to please. Anything to do with motorbikes and lego and she is happy. Oma knows her well and got her a motorbike magazine for her birthday, which she has on her bed for light nighttime reading. :)

In the morning Jonty our official 'present opening helper', helped Hallie open her pressies.

Flynn this is Hallie's birthday blog post not yours. :)

Hallie has wanted an ipod for a long time now so she was happy with this.

I picked Hallie up from school at lunchtime so she could have some time to herself on her birthday and we came home and put her lego together. Well more I watched as Hallie sped through the instructions.

After school two of Hallie's best friends, Hannah and Alice, came over for a play. Sarra organised it as a surprise for Hallie and she was so excited when she saw them pop out of our car.

Even though it was cold outside, they had a lovely time on the jumps.

After the girls went home, Lisa and Rohan came out for tea. The week before Hallie had made a list of the foods she wanted.

chips-spring rolls-party pies and sausages rolls-fizz (Solo and Raspberry)-cocktail savs-sour worms-pythons-maltezers-homemade pizza.

Along with all that she wanted a dump truck cake. I should be used to these cake attempts by now. Even if they don't work that well, I'm sure one day my kids will love the effort. :)

Happy birthday Hallie.

A tomboy...

and gorgeous beauty...

(present day)
(photo courtesy of Lisa King Photography)
all in one.


Kayla Christie said...

wow coool cake!!

Katherine said...

The best of both worlds :) All tomboys grow into the most beautiful girls and get the best boys! Ask Jasmine! ;)

make it perfect said...

this makes me laugh so much! i just told jaron all of the details of hallie's birthday and he is in stitches - especially the motorbike magazine - love it!