Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A symphony of sorts

This year Hallie has joined Sarra in having music lessons. Once you are in grade 3 at Westbury PS, you have the opportunity to join the junior band and then move into senior band in subsequent years.

At our school, we have the wonderful privilege of having our music programme sponsored by Tas Alkaloids, a local business here and for private tuition once a week and band practice plus your own instrument to take home for the year, is $100 for the year.

This is Sarra's 4th year doing clarinet and it is Hallie's first year doing the trumpet. Hallie is also learning guitar with a volunteer teacher. We have a guitar that sits under our bed gathering dust. Now that Sarra has been learning how to read music, she has started playing a little bit on our piano keyboard that Tammy gave us too. One day I would like her to have formal lessons but that of course is time and money. This way they are learning at school in a lunch hour.

With Jonty and Flynn joining in, we have quite the cacophony happening in our house most afternoons. I used to learn the violin so nothing could ever sound as bad as that. I'm sure my Mum still has nightmares over the screech screech screech of it. :)

Oliver quite sensibly stays away from all the noise but when he hits grade 3 in two years, it will be his turn too and I want all the kids to learn a musical instrument so they have that skill of being able to read music and have an appreciation for it. I don't know if I appreciate the constant noise at present, but I know it will all pay off in the end.... hopefully. ;)

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Watson said...

It's so good that the school offers such a good music program. Another reason why it would of been such a great loss if the school closed down. Your girls have really beautiful smiles.