Friday, March 30, 2012

Date with Lenny Kravitz

On Wednesday afternoon, we took the kids out of school at 2pm and dropped Sarra, Hallie and Oliver at Tammy's and took Jonty and Flynn with us down to Hobart to go and see Lenny Kravitz at the Derwent Entertainment Centre with Collette.

Simon is a HUGE Kravitz fan. He has ALL his albums and originally when Lenny was doing his Australia tour and only going as far down as Sydney, Simon was trying to figure out how to get there and see him.

When it was announced that Mr Lenny himself was touring down to Tassie, he was stoked and couldn't believe that Lenny was  "Are you Going to Go My Way". 

Honestly I couldn't see what the big deal was and thought it was alot of hassle being mid-week and organising babysitters and knowing it would be a very late night. But I went, secretly thinking the time without kids would have been nicer if I got to check out The Hunger Games at the movies instead. :) (In actual fact Lenny Kravitz plays the fashion designer, Cinna, in The Hunger Games - so I still would have seen him right?) ;)

We got to Collette's house at about 5pm in time for Elle to babysit Flynn and Jonty for us. I was so worried that Flynn might do his piercing screaming act and not settle for Elle but he was great. They were both asleep by 7.30pm and Flynn slept through babysitting shift change when Hayden got home from work at 10pm and then still stayed asleep until about 5 seconds before we walked in the door a bit after 11pm.

Thanks so much Elle. I'm glad it was a pretty easy gig in the end. :)

Before Lenny came on stage we got to see his support acts, Wolfmother and The Cranberries. I enjoyed both of them, but like Wolfmother better. Everyone loved The Cranberries last song, "Zombie" and I laughed listening to everyone sing it.

The concert started at 6.30pm and so by 9pm, when Lenny came out on stage, everybody was pumped and excited to see him. The roadies had changed all the lighting and drum kit and guitars and we watched them set it all up so knew it was definitely going to be bigger than the support acts.

When Lenny came out on stage, the lights exploded and the audience roared. He was very very good and you could tell he was a superstar and used to doing shows. 

The mosh pit had got bigger and bigger and it was just as much fun watching the standing audience down below as they all held up their iphones and got into the music. The more sedate of us had seats up above but it didn't stop us singing and clapping and grooving a bit.

 I don't know if there was a bit too much alcohol for some audience members near us, but there were a few putting on a show of their own with air guitars and it was hilarious to watch. 

Right at the end of the show, Lenny decided to go through the crowd. This is how close he got to us. A bit blurry because I was laughing and all excited to see him up close.

Collette had a good time too, yelling out to Lenny and singing away. She loves music and even though Lenny is not her era, she knew she would have a good time and know some of his songs.

Right at the end, Wolfmother came put on stage as the concert came to an end. I don't know how long they had all been touring together but it looked like they were all pretty tight. Lenny said he had not been to Australia for 18 years and was SO glad he was finishing off in Tasmania. His band on the synthesizer and saxophone and trumpet and bass guitar were absolutely amazing. Such musical talent leaves you breathless.

SO yes I begrudgingly admit that it was a good show.

 And it WAS worth it until we left Collette's at 12 am and Flynn cried half the way home to pick up the other kids from Tammy's and make it into bed by 2.30am and then Flynn awake again at 5.30 am. Then I was grumbling to Lenny. :)

But see - he was too cute to stay mad at for long.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time.
I love Lenny too.
Live concerts are the best.
Love Lorraine.

Blanche said...

Glad you had a good time. Matt and Isaac were pretty pumped when they got home! I can see them in one of your pics in the middle of the mosh pit :)

I am Elle said...

Glad to hear the concert was a goodie!! Hayden was a bit worried that Flynn might wake up while he was on duty - he he glad he made it through ok though!!!

Lenny got pretty close - thats awesome!!!