Friday, March 16, 2012

The first day of pre-kinder

This morning Jonty started pre-kinder. It is called Early Learning and it's absolutely fantastic because they get to spend two hours a week in the kinder class with the kinder teacher for a whole year before they actually start kinder (the year they are turning five), which will be three full days a week. 

For term one and two I go with Jonty and then in term three, he will attend on Fridays for two hours by himself.

We all already know Mrs Neal as she taught both Hallie and Oliver when she was Miss Jacobs, before she got married. I am excited to be back in the kinder room with her and Mrs Rixon who is an absolutely amazing kinder aide.

Jonty had a great time today getting to know the routines and structure of Early Learning and he obviously feels very comfortable with Mrs Neal, letting her know that he needed to "do a big poo". Good thing Mums are there!! :)
Flynn continued his fascination with sand, once he discovered the sand pit.

Luckily I brought him some real morning tea to eat. I know he is going to enjoy coming along each week with Jonty. 

I thought I would be sick of coming to pre-kinder (now my 4th time) but each child is so unique and even if the routines are the same, I love watching each of them enjoy and learn things for the first time.

Next week Jonty might have a go at blogging and show us some of the things we do in Early learning.


Wheeler Team said...

Your photos are amazing Simone! I love them all. Flynn looks gorgeous eating sand - the only problem with doing that is when it comes out the other end a bit gravelly ;)

Blanche said...

I agree, great pics. It's so sad how quickly our little ones grow up. There is a positive flip side though ;)

Nettie's Blog said...

how fast they grow...he will be off on a mission soon!!!!! weeellll maybe a bit longer.....