Monday, March 12, 2012

*11 months*

 I can't believe I am nearly one year old.

The last month has been full of Flynn firsts.

Crawling.... started on the 19th of Feb, the perfect textbook crawl after shuffling along army style on my tummy for a bit.

My top front teeth have come through, making four in total.

And which means I love to chew whatever you throw at me. :)

I still enjoy eating but am a little bit fussy, unless it has anything to do with chocolate.

I enjoy wearing my Fijian shirt which Aunty Collette and Uncle Hayden brought back from their honeymoon in Fiji....

But when Mummy's friend Lisa W came to the rescue and Mummy put me in one of Eden's pink girl pull-ups (I had done a number 2 and Mum had no nappies in my bag), well that takes the cake. 

 Me and Hallie had our bloods trip to the hospital. Hallie is so much braver than me, but she has had a 7 year head start. :)

I think playing in the children's ward playground makes up for it all though.

I still have not ever slept through the night, actually I don't even sleep 6 hours straight, or five or even four for that matter. I am just so thirsty so Mummy thinks maybe my salt meds are too high. We are going to the paediatrician with Hallie tomorrow so maybe my last bloods will show a need to decrease them. 

If its not that and just me liking night cuddles then I have a bad feeling Mummy is about to get really strict with me. Yikes!!

I love hanging with my big brother Jonty...

...and my biggest brother Oliver.


Now I've started crawling, I have figured out how to pull myself up to a standing position, very gingerly but woohoo, I'm doing it!!!!

Look at that concentration!!! I'm so proud of myself. Now to let go with one hand and pick something up. Hmm that looks tricky.

It's nice to see the leaves falling off the trees now but I hope it stays warmer for just a little longer. I better go and check the mail. Mummy has ordered some birthday pressies from Etsy so I want to try and get a peek at them and I still need to figure out what kind of birthday cake I would like. Hmm decisions decisions.

See you at 1. :)


Kylie's blog said...

He is so very cute Simone. The bloods photo made me sad but the chocolate ones made me smile!
Happy 11 months gorgeous boy!

Bianca said...

What a cutie! I hope you get his sleeping sorted Simone... Can't beleive you've not had a full nights sleep for this long!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you haven't had a full nights sleep in so long. Even Sam has given me a few full nights here and there! I love his chubby little legs:)

The Kings said...

Flynn you are just so chubby and cute :) I hope that his salt levels really ARE too high and you get him sorted and he starts to sleep better for everyone's sake :)

Becky said...

Has it REALLY been 11 months? That is CRAZY! And he is SO cute. :) Love the chubs.

Anonymous said...

Get outa town! nearly a year? no way! You have the cutest chubby legs Mr Flynn and I bet it wont be long till you're using them to walk and run...lucky mummy!


Kayla Christie said...

sooo cute!!