Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mini monster challenge

On Tuesday night, we held our Faith in God Primary activity for our aged 8-11yr olds. Since leaving Relief Society at the beginning of last year, I have spent my time in Primary.

We decided to start the year of with a mini monster challenge because we thought it would be loads of fun and something to do outside in this lovely summer weather.

As a Presidency, Sue, Makayla and I had great fun thinking up these games and the kids loved having a go at everything.

This game, you had to eat as many Sao biscuits as you could in 2 minutes without drinking any water.

This next one, you had to run with the water balloon in your mouth and drop it carefully into a bucket at the other end without using your hands.

I love this photo of Makayla with a knife behind her back.

It's how we kept the kids in line. ;)

See what I mean about the beautiful summer weather.

This game involved throwing an egg back and forth until it broke. The last pair with their egg still intact, were the winners.

Action shot

The sunset was magnificent.

This game was hard because you had to continually hold a cotton ball on the end of a straw and keep your breath sucked in to keep it there while running from one end to the other.

We finished off with brownies and ice cream - most of the kids always like to request this treat. It is so rich and sweet. I think all the kids had a good night. I know my girls and the friends from school they brought along were talking excitedly about it all the way home.

We can't guarantee that every month will be that exciting, but it will definitely be enjoyable.


Bride said...

i might pinch this idea! it looks like lots of fun. i find it hard coming up with activities that will keep the girls and boys excited and interested, as most of the time we are combined!

The Kings said...

Looks like a great night! Mak and the knife was cracking me up!