Saturday, March 10, 2012

Westbury PS... swim, play,eat.

On Wednesday, the girls had their swim carnival. It was Hallie's first as our school only runs it for grades 3-6 and Sarra was chosen as girl house captain for Westfield for the carnival so they were both pretty excited.

It was great to use the Deloraine PS indoor pool as usually we go to Hagley Farm school and its not as warm there but I think both kids and parents alike liked it, seeing as it was such s cold blowy day outside.

The girls swam in every event they could and got a few firsts, seconds and thirds. What I really like about our school is the way, the kids are encouraged just to 'have a go'. All the kids participate and love just jumping in the pool and swimming. Whether they come first, second, third or last, they all had big grins on their faces just from having fun.

Yes it's always nice to win at something and give it a real go but we're not going to be good at everything, that would make us really boring people. There is something to be gained about being a good sportsman and frankly I think the life skills about winning and losing and being happy for other people's success and knowing you 'had a go' whether you won or not, that are learned on the day, is more important than the swim meet itself.

I would have loved to get some photos of the 'late for school' race where the kids had to swim from one side to the other, get out of the pool and get dressed in clothes, jump back in the pool and swim to the other side again. It was so funny to watch but I was trying to juggle, the video camera, camera, Flynn and Jonty.

Although Jonty was really good, the edge of the pool was only about half a metre from our chairs so I was worried he would inadvertently fall in and I really did not want to get wet. ;)

On Thursday, Kobe came to play and we went to school for the school assembly, which was being run by Hallie's class.

This is Hallie's beautiful sunflower she painted.

I don't think I was successful at convincing Kobe that Westbury Primary had better play equipment than Punchbowl. Somehow I don't think any school could measure up to the amazing school that is Punchbowl, especially with its most beautiful Noah's Garden, and now Aaron's arch put in place.

After school on Thursday, although it was a bit blowy and rained toward the end, the kids and I enjoyed a welcome back to school 2012 BBQ down at the school. The sausages were really yummy as they were sourced from the Westbury butcher and tasted SO much better than the boring old breakfast sausages from Woolies.

I was too busy yakking to other parents so forgot to take some pics, even though the camera was right there in the pram. Next year I will take some good ones of us stuffing our faces with sauce and sausages. :)

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