Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Primary teacher

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Aristotle.

We go to church each Sunday. We stay for three hours. THREE hours. What on earth could we possibly do for 3 hours?

The first hour is the Sacrament meeting, bread and water is blessed and passed to the congregation, inspiring words of upliftment are spoken and hymns are sung.

For the next two hours, my children attend Primary. It is for kids age 3-11yrs. They break up into different age groups. They have a Sunday School lesson of 40 minutes, a fruit break and then music time and hands on activities. They love it. And do you know what else they love??


Jonty is in Sunbeams (the 3-4 yr class) with Jayne but Jonty calls her "Jame". Here is Jayne and Jonty in matching pjs. They look so cute together.

A few months ago, Jayne was teaching Jonty and his classmate Leo about plants and encouraging them to be aware of things outside that are growing. They went for a walk and collected some leaves and twigs and did a little collage. They planted some seeds in a pot each and Jonty has been tending to his very faithfully at home.

One week, they looked at being thankful for water and they each got a little watering can and a bottle of water. Another week they had a lesson on being thankful for fish. Some people think that religious instruction must be about sitting still in a class, listening to someone up the front and never saying boo.

But just like Aristotle so wisely quoted, Jayne is educating not only Jonty's mind but his heart also and he is learning to not take things for granted but be grateful and appreciate everything he has. To become aware of the world around him and those who live in it.

Jonty's satisfied face after polishing off the Easter eggs 'Jame' gave him.

Hallie and Oliver have shared the one Primary teacher, Louise. I asked them what they liked about Louise and Hallie said, "she is lots of fun". Ollie said, "she helps me not just to listen but to learn". Louise puts an interactive, interesting lesson together every week, with the cutest little things that the kids bring home.

Hallie, Louise and Oliver

The week that we celebrated Easter, last month, Louise had the kids in her class, make their own burial site with the tomb and the big rock that was rolled away the morning of Jesus' resurrection. She brought bowls, moss, cans and rocks so the children could create away to their hearts content.

 This was Hallie's.

Our kids seem to learn more when they are 'doing', especially when it comes to learning about God and Jesus. I decided the kids could 'do' something in return.

One Monday night, we decided to visit our two Primary teachers to say thankyou. I don't think any amount of caramel slice will ever match the priceless lessons taught by these two beautiful selfless women, who not only love God, but maybe because they do, love what they teach and the kids they teach it to.


Anonymous said...

I want to teach your kids in
Well I get one your beautiful young ladies at the end of the year!!
Love Lorraine.

~ fiona j harding ~ said...

Lovely post.
My friend Jaynie is so amazing :)

Kayla Christie said...

ohhhh aunty jayne she's the best! my kids are obsessed with aunty jayne lol. you're kids are very lucky to have such a great teachers!