Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Autumn run

I love going to the kids cross country each year. It is the perfect time of the year to be outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. The town common is full of beautiful and vibrant leaves, my favourite season of the year.

The towering deciduous trees is the perfect backdrop for our school's cross country run today.

First over the line. 
I told her I would have been proud of her, no matter what place she got. 

Flynn got bored so decided to entertain himself with the witches hats.

My boy is getting so tall and growing up so fast.

He too came first over the line.
I told him the same thing.

Flynn was still bored and roped some girls into his game too.

And then decided to annoy Jonty instead.

After watching all the kids run, Flynn thought he was going in Jonty's race.

Jonty came about mid way in the field and was very excited to get his "fantastic effort" sticker at the end.


The Kings said...

Well done guys! Is there really only like 7 in their grade?!

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