Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dads and daffodils

On Fathers Day we went to Dads with the Wheelers, like we do every year. The kids love this tradition of going to Poppy Steve's and every year in September, the daffodils are out in force in the top paddock.

The kids love going on the trailer with Pop. They can never come without at least one ride.

I love this photo I took of Jonty outside the old dunny. I even remember when Dad had this toilet outside and when I came to visit as a young girl, I always checked the toilet bowl before sitting down, 'just incase'.

Some older photos of Father's Day and THE daffodils.

Sarra - 2004

September 2008

September 2006

How little are these 3 - Oliver Sarra and Hallie.


The Kings said...

oh boy - I would love to go there to take photos! So beautiful.

Nettie's Blog said...

Can i come with a spade and dig up some of those bulbs ...i love daffodils..
nice to look back and see how the kidliywinks have grown...
we did get to have one last fathers day with dad this year...our last one ...
like i said memories...the kids will remember those visits forever