Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas at Deloraine House

Once again this year a group of us girls from church (oh and Lionel :)) went to Deloraine House and packed food boxes for people around the Westbury and Deloraine area. It only took a bit over 2hrs (would have been quicker if I wasn't late) and as usual we had fun putting all the food into each box.

We get a list of the families, not their names but how many people and children are in each one so we know how much food to put in each box. There was a great variety of staple food and treats so it is nice to think that these families will get healthy food s as well as a sweet treat.

There was one family of ten so you can imagine we piled that box really high and I put some fairy cupcake mixture in that box too, hoping that a little girl would get great delight in making and eating them. It certainly helps you get into the spirit of Christmas and draw your mind away from Santa and turkey.

Thanks Kit, Vicki, Suzanne and Lionel, Alison and Stephannie for helping out. It was truly appreciated.


The Kings said...

Oh how fun!!!I would love to do that - everything I love at once - food, people and order! :)

Jackie said...

hi simone
i would of loved to be there to help but, mark and i are in sydney..that is right up my alley and i love to do things for the community..mark and i did heaps when we were in alice springs..we saw simon at the airport on thursday night, he was ready to board the plane to melbourne and we just checked in..he waved to us..

Carli said...

That's what Christmas is really about - Simone you rock.