Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Corona Christmas Eve

Tonight being Christmas Eve and all Mel invited us over for tea with her Mum and Dad and Nan. It was lovely to do something the night before Christmas and distract the kids from all the excitement of tomorrow.

We had a barbecue and spent the evening chatting away. After tea we let the kids have a bath all together. Sarra is getting a bit old now so she offered to have one with just Ty Ty.

It is becoming a tradition now that whenever I go over to Mel's we bring pjs so the kids can have a bath and that way we can stay longer because all I have to do when I get home is scoop them into bed.

After the bath, we sat around on the floor and listened to the Christmas story from Mel. Dean read out of the scriptures and then we sang a Christmas song. We were going to do one out of the Children's Songbook, but ended up singing Jingle Bells instead.

We left about 9pm and looked at Christmas lights on the way home. Westbury doesn't have much to offer in the way of decorations but we found one or two houses that had the children 'oohing' and 'aahing'.

It is now 10.45 and the kids are all asleep, even Jonty and they have put out their Santa sacks all ready to be filled with delights.

Santa has to get past all the ironing first so I had better go and put it away.

Then just the floors to wash and off to bed. Simon is at work until midnight and Santa has left some pressies in the police garage which I hope he can get to because it has no chimney.

Sarra's birthday is on Boxing Day and sofar I have made one slice for her family party. I had better get a bit more motivated before then I think but who wants to bake a cake on Christmas Day night after eating food all day! Aah the joys of Dec birthdays!!


The Kings said...

Fun! It sucks that Sarra's birthday is the day after Christmas - that is way worse than on the 23rd. Hope you guys have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Your'e kids are just going to love those photos of them all in the bath together, when they hit Y.M. and
I'm glad you didn't have to spend Christmas eve by yourself. That's another thing i forgot to do ..the ironing. I'll do it tonight when everyone goes home. I hope you had a really nice day.Love Lorraine xxx

Anonymous said...

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